Alma Deutscher (7) playing Bériot, violin concerto no. 9 - Dec 2012

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Submitted by Sandi on Sun, 2013-02-17 20:41

Such a remarkable wee lass! If you visit her YouTube channel you can see that she is a fabulous composer as well!
I just love the way she plays her own compositions with such gentleness and ease, as if she is the music she is playing. ENJOY

Toohey syndrome

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What she does not understand is the evil of pomowanker philosophy and society. Some people do indeed want music to be just as ugly as life (life as they see it).

I hope she stays true to her vision of beauty in music and in her own life, and we might see great things from her in the future.

I want to make the world more beautiful

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- "What is your dream come true?"

- "I want to make the world more beautiful with my music. Some people think it's not right to write beautiful music nowadays, that it is not allowed. I'm just a child, but I never really understood why. Why not? I want to write beautiful music and beautiful melodies, and I want to make the world more beautiful with it."

An update on this young genius

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An update on this young genius.

I agree with her ...

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... as long as one does not have too narrow a definition of 'beauty.'

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