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And Australia's and Europe's...

A Brazilian favela. An Australian Conservative blogger, Oz Conservative, showed how violent and horrible life in Brazil can be in this post:


En route to his mansion in Alphaville -- a walled city where the privileged live behind electrified fences patrolled by a private army of 1,100 -- Klein quietly stared out the window. His pilot clipped low over the honeycomb-like slums and clogged highways below. More than halfway through a nine-minute commute, the copter grazed over a cluster of inner-city prisons. A squad of machine-gun-toting guards stood near a perimeter wall, their gaunt faces squinting upward as Klein's copter buzzed by.

"The perspective is different from up here," remarked Klein, a graying hulk of a man and executive director of Casas Bahia, one of Brazil's largest electronics retailers. Over the din of the blades, he told a reporter that "it even looks beautiful sometimes. Up here, however, it is safe. Down there -- ." He paused, staring across the metal and glass horizon. "Well, it's another story."

Sao Paulo ... is, by some accounts, a vision of future urban life in the developing world. As homicide and kidnapping rates have soared to record levels, civilian helicopter traffic here has become what industry executives describe as the busiest on Earth. Helicopter companies estimate that liftoffs average 100 per hour. The city boasts 240 helipads, compared with 10 in New York City, allowing the rich to whisk to and from their well-guarded homes to work, business meetings, afternoons of shopping, even church.

So what if you are not rich enough to afford a private helicopter?

One result is city life dominated by fear. The homicide rate in greater Sao Paulo, South America's largest city, has more than tripled during the 1990s, to about 60 murders per 100,000 residents, compared with 7.4 in the Washington metropolitan area and 7.8 in New York. Already 63 kidnappings have been reported this year in Sao Paulo, up from only 15 during the same period last year, according to police statistics. The surge in abductions has produced a cottage industry of plastic surgeons who specialize in treating wealthy victims who return from their ordeals with sliced ears, severed fingers and other missing body parts that were sent to family members as threats for ransom payment.

This is our fate. This is what the Left will bring to us with their combination of socialism, multi-culturalism and open immigration. If you are connected enough to live in a gated city you may live a good life. For everyone else? You will live a life of fear at the mercy of largely non-white, non-Euro savages. You will be mugged, raped, killed and you might even have your ear sliced off in the process. Nice.

This is our future not some fantasized Christian theocracy. A Christian theocracy would be BENEVOLENT compared to the multi-racial socialist hellhole the Left has in store in for us. Organized Objectivism is seriously clueless. The Left is an order of magnitude more evil than Rand ever even imagined.

But I am waiting for all the ARI op-eds promoting amnesty and calling the Conservatives "nativists". But what happens if in the future ARI can't get permission to operate within the gates? Uh oh...