My Review of Lindsay's Amazing Book

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Submitted by mvardoulis on Mon, 2013-03-11 17:43

I wrote this for Amazon, under the pen name "Number Six" for those of you who may have already seen it:

This book presents, in all splendor and glory, the best work of one the most insightful, witty, incendiary and visionary commentators/thinkers of the last half century. Everything HL Mencken was to the United States of his time, bold Mr. Perigo is to his New Zealand and to (thanks to the technology of the current era) the last semblance of western civilization on the globe. Like a "voice crying from the wilderness (down under)" Lindsay Perigo speaks powerful, undeniable truth to a civilization gone mad, and does so with intelligence and scathing satire. Expect no mercy for those whom Perigo (usually correctly) identifies as enemies of reason and individual liberty. There is much deserved skewering to be found in these pages, and much of Perigo`s work reminds me of a recipe consisting of equal parts intellectual rage, Python-esque cleverness and Wildeian wit. One just doesn't find all of those in one individual, apart from Lindsay Perigo.

Readers will be introduced to a number of characters well known to New Zealand politics, which may be unknown to residents of the United States such as myself, but politicians tend to be recognizably similar everywhere. Wherever you are in the world, you will quickly find a corollary for the figures Lindsay attacks with righteous indignation, irreverence and hilarity. Nothing short of inspiring, Mr. Perigo reminds all who place value on reason and themselves as an individual: you needn't accept the rod of oligarchic megalomaniacs and their cultural allies. One can rise against. The inspiration which comes from Perigo`s collected work in these pages to stand against the tide of anti-individual, anti-liberty statism is this book`s greatest gift.

Don't let little disagreements get in the way of the big picture Mr. Perigo illuminates so brilliantly and urgently. I do not entirely agree with his complete dismissal of any music featuring an electric guitar, his (and mentor Ayn Rand`s) utter obliteration of all things theist, or his all-around hawkish support for United States military intervention (I personally favor a more selectively hawkish approach to U.S. defense against terror cells). Objectivists such as Lindsay all tend to incline themselves to trust in the few elements of government they (and I) endorse such as police, courts and military, sometimes forgetting that these remaining "monopolies of force" also need great and terrible scrutiny. Nonetheless, Lindsay Perigo is also a Libertarian, and not surprisingly the Libertarian Party in New Zealand (LibertariaNZ) is free from many of the moral and philosophical weaknesses which Objectivists have in many ways correctly identified in the U.S. Libertarian Party and movement (of which I also am a part). Simply put, a few points of minor disagreement on certain topics will hardly take away from the "Total Passion" Lindsay's collected work inspires in the reader. It's a rousing good read, even if you don't entirely agree with the author on all of his many diverse topics.