Proportionality vs. Justice and Victory

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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Sun, 2013-04-14 17:32

The way Israel deals with the Arabs, South Korea with North Korea, India with Pakistan, and America with the Muslims is absurd and outrageous. The behavior of the Good Guys toward their Bad Guy enemies is intellectually ignorant and morally depraved.

The self-defense idea, and moral ideal, of all four relatively-civilized nations toward their attackers is mostly that of "proportionality" of military response, based upon current "just war" theory. And yet the proper military idea, and moral ideal, when Good defends against Evil, is for the virtuous countries to: (1) halt the aggression, (2) punish the aggressor, (3) deter future aggression from them and others, (4) mete out justice, (5) get revenge and satisfaction, and (6) achieve victory.

Britain and America never adhered to the false military standards of "proportionality" against the aggressor Japanese and Germans in World War II. So the current tit-for-tat games and strategy which Israel, South Korea, India, and America employ in battling against their barbaric enemies is pathetic and impotent. It's appeasement and surrender to evil.

And, ultimately, it dooms all four relatively-virtuous nations to defeat. Or at least to unending conflict and unremittent pain.

Where is the Good Guys' manliness, self-respect, and sense of honor? Swamped under a sea of intellectual and moral bankruptcy. Israel, South Korea, India, and America today are committing treason to the concepts of justice and victory.

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Well that needs to be mostly scrapped.

In WW2 Hitler bombed London, we bombed Berlin.  Neither side gave a shit about civilian casualties.  Nor should we have it was war.  No we did not go out and aimlessly target women and children, nor did we seek them out.  They died anyway war is a bitch too freeking bad.  Civilians vote the monsters into power and are just as much to blame for their leaders policies that lead to war in the first place.

As for Israel they really need to do what needs to be done.  If in a "conflict" your enemy is lobbing 500 rockets a day at you but hides its weapons and key military targets inside of schools, hospitals, high population areas and behind the skirts of women You blow the living shit out of it and kill everything and every one that is in front of that target EVEN IF there are 2 million "civilian" casualties.  Maybe they might think twice before doing that again.  You do not fight a conflict so that in 6 months they can hit you again.  You defeat your enemy so completely so they never ever even so much as blow a Humus fart in your direction.

As for the west attempting to "bring democracy" and build roads and schools in these backwards shitholes it is utter garbage.  10 freeking years in Afghanistan?  To add insult to injury since 911 immigration from our ENEMY has increased 75%!!!  Did we not learn from the Trojan horse??!!  Madness!!  Irony.  The most common name for boys born in Minnesota is now Mohamed... Just saying.  Kind of reminds me of the movie Braveheart when the King says to his nobles.  "The problem with Scotland is there are too many Scots!  If we cannot kill them we will simply breed them out!"  Then he invokes Prima Noctus.

Pomo politics will be the end of civilization. 


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This seems like a difficult subject philosophically, but you can read about it a bit here: and here:

Intellectually Out to Lunch

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Jules -- Thanks, Jules. But it's not a matter of lack of balls, but lack of knowledge. The West is philosophically weak and ignorant. It doesn't think it has the moral right to defeat our evil enemies and live free of their threats and aggression.

This is similar to the intellectual error of the West promoting and upholding democracy and peace when it should be promoting and upholding liberty and justice. The political goals and ideals of the West are so flawed right now.

And the worst is Israel. They speak of "the peace process" and seeking "partners for peace" and "taking risks for peace" and hoping for "a peace of the brave." These are all nonsense goals and phrases. Such asinine language has never before been used in the history of man, and it should never be used again. And yet...if you're an utter philosophical nitwit Israeli, as almost all are, then these absurd and hateful phrases actually make a kind of sense.

We all live in Superman's Bizarro World, where a "proportional" response to an evil enemy's threats and attacks seems superior to achieving justice upon, and victory over, the Bad Guys. Sad


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It is sad but I cannot see any flaws in your statement.

It will be the death of us all unless the western world grows some balls and says "enough is enough!"

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