Civilizational Jihad

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Submitted by Doug Bandler on Thu, 2013-05-02 18:32

This video is a remarkable example of clear thinking and analysis. Stephen Coughlin calmly explains what true Muslims in America think and what their goals are. The goal of serious, committed Muslims is "civilizational Jihad" or occupation and conquest through immigration.

He explains that The Muslim Brotherhood considers Mosques to be centers dedicated to SETTLEMENT. Yes, SETTLEMENT. (see 32 minutes into the video) How can the Objectivist movement continue to advocate allowing Muslim immigration to continue, Mosques to remain open and Muslim populations to remain in Western nations including most importantly America?

We are beyond ignorant here. This is corrupt ideology. Objectivism as become an ossified movement full of blind ideologues. Its failure to understand the totalitarian nature of the modern left and the inherent evil of Islam and the danger of Muslim populations and immigration has rendered the movement less than useless in combating civilization's two greatest enemies. You know what I think those are and it is not the "imminent Christian theocracy".

Some heroic soul involved in the movement will need to step up and challenge the orthodoxy on the above points or Objectivism will continue to be viewed as something only a teenager could waste time with. As I keep saying, only the better Conservatives are offering any value in defending civilization.

Correct Shane

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Good anecdote. Thank you. It's obviously true to me, and Doug, the Commander and Linz, and yourself and many others who don't actually log in here.

No intention to integrate

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It is multiply, dominate, infiltrate and implement sharia law.

This should disqualify Muslims from gaining access to America. It shouldn't be rocket science either. Its terrible when you can see a great evil unfold yet you can't stop it. Its like watching a train speed to its destruction because of damaged tracks and the train just can't stop.


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I had a lengthy chat with a fellow Kiwi last year who has spent 6 - 9 months a year for the last 14 years in the middle east - petro chemicals.

He explained the strategy of expansion into western countries via funding for mosques, and that funds are simply not an issue.

There is no intention to integrate.

It is multiply, dominate, infiltrate and implement sharia law.

Fucking savages.

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