Death to Democracy!

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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Tue, 2013-05-07 00:58

Democracy is truly a moronic and slimy political value and social organization principle. Why trust, and be guided by, the man in the street, when he is usually an ignorant bastard from hell? Why go along with, and be led by, a mindless malicious rampaging mob, when it is pretty much wrong about everything?

The basic idea behind democracy is that anything goes if a sufficiently large number of citizens like it. Tyranny isn't tyranny when the majority wants it. Totalitarianism and open government immorality aren't enslaving and evil as long as they're backed by a free and fair election in which 50%-plus-one have made a decision.

According to democratic theory, even if the majority do vote for enslavement, this is their right, and any freedom-loving minority or individual should passively submit to it.

Finally, according to current political and social thinking, democracy can never really be that bad because so long as majority rule is assiduously practiced, the people always have an opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Democrats claim that the average Joe naturally tends to favor liberty, and thus if majority-rule is maintained in an inadvertent slave state, the voter will tend to correct his error, and thus choose a somewhat less authoritarian president, legislature, and ruling party the next time round.

The only real flaw in the system, according to current theory, is that sometimes "the people" -- who virtually all massmen and intellectuals today worship -- will sometimes elect a political leadership which is so tyrannical that it repudiates future elections and democracy! This is a regrettable error in democratic theory -- as the masses and the philosophes will admit -- but there's no real way to correct it. War, revolution, and an ocean of bloodshed are occasionally or frequently required. Even Jefferson observed this. But -- "democracy" is still massively superior to all political and social alternatives, such as monarchy, feudalism, theocracy, communism, etc.

And yet, the question arises: If democracy only sometimes leads to freedom, why have democracy at all? Why not skip that step and go directly to individual liberty for all? Must we worship the mindless, malicious massman -- the bawling, brawling, milling, mewling mob -- so much that enslavement is a continuous political threat and our frequent reality?

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A republic if you can keep it..

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