Freedom of speech in the UK, but only if you say what we want to hear.

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Submitted by Richard Wiig on Fri, 2013-06-28 08:57

You might have heard that Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer have been refused entry to the UK on the grounds that they are fascists intent on inciting people to unrest and violence. Of course, if that's what they are, then that's what every freedom lover on the planet is. Here's a link to a petition to have them allowed in.

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Pat Condell defends EDL, Geller and Spencer

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Pat Condell Defends the EDL, Spencer and Geller, and Explains Who the Real Fascists Are.

from Pamela Geller's website http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad...


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Richard -- I disagree about the threat posed by the sleepwalking of the apathetic American masses. The massman is utterly impotent, in my view. The intellectuals totally rule the world. Once the rising Neoliberal philosophers thrash the ignorant, depraved, philosophical Conservatives, and their close allies, the ignorant, depraved, philosophical Progressives, then the planet will be saved.

Britain Heading Towards A Civil War With Islam

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The British Freedom Party speaks out.

This was started by Tony Blair...

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...who was trying to turn the UK into NAZI germany (and has partially succeeded).

He was the first to invoke these new powers and introduce "hate" crimes etc..., which basically just curtail free speech. He also banned protest within a mile radius of parliament and downing street. He wanted to introduce compulsory ID cards and have continuous detention without trial as well.

Some of his plans have been stopped, but unfortunately the current government have continued with Blair's fascist march of power.

You'd expect that the Lib Dems might step up and object to such attacks on freedom, but like all parties in the UK they suffer from a severe case of political correctness especially when it comes to the topic of "multiculturalism".

Thanks, Guys. I cannot

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Thanks, Guys. I cannot believe the petition numbers are rising so slowly. I thought they would have skyrocketed by now.

I think you are wrong about the greatest enemy being the US Federal monster, Kyrel. The greatest enemy is the apathetic sleepwalk of the masses.


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I'm truly shocked by this. Spencer and Geller are noble warriors for Western Civilization. They're basically neoliberal, cutting-edge heroes fighting against the stunning evil of Islamic philosophy. Yes, they have obnoxious conservative and religious elements to their philosophy, and yes, they're polemicists and firebrands. But their main weapon is profound, careful research about Muslims and Islam, followed up by the publication of systematic, explicit, overwhelming TRUTH.

I never thought Great Britain would fall this low. Sad

For all the good it will do, I signed the petition as well (#5862).

Didn't Peikoff

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want to bomb Iran when it issued the fatwah against Salman Rushdie?

Not exactly equivalent I agree, but where is organized Objectivism when Moslem immigrants are able to manipulate European governments into restricting the free speech of critics of Islam?

-Neil Parille

Very sad

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I added: You allow your enemies and ban your friends. Evil decision. I (sadly) hope to see your country pay the consequences.

I hope they'll try and visit New Zealand. It's still salvageable - despite what the libertarian intrinsicists spout.

I've signed

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Beyond disgraceful.


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Thank you for posting this petition which I have duly signed.

How utterly appalling.

I used to think the UK was a bastion of free speech, extreme tolerance and right-mindedness. Very sad days.

It tells me that the social fabric of Britain must be very unstable and fragile to make such a call and the politicians are too weak to deal with it. Can you imagine Margaret Thatcher making this call?

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