Critical Review of Ayn Rand Contra Human Nature

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Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 2013-06-29 17:30

_Ayn Rand Contra Human Nature_ is a book attacking Ayn Rand. I criticize it extensively.

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This critique blows ARCHN away.

Looks as though he was

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Looks as though he was inadvertently blocked. We get a lot of spammers, and delete or block them en masse. Folk who sign up with a spammer-like user name are apt to get caught up in the carnage. Mr Temple is hot to trot now. I hope he feels free to post his whole article here, not just a link.

FYI i just 2 minutes ago got

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FYI i just 2 minutes ago got an automated email unbanning me i think, but still no human telling me what happened.

EDIT: ok glad to hear it was just a misunderstanding. my account is over 2 years old so i don't know why i'd be confused with a spammer now, but whatever.

i'm not going to paste the whole article because that would ruin the formatting. please feel free to quote it here though to discuss.

Is "Curi" banned?

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[quote name="curi" post="186359" timestamp="1372622877"]yet i'm banned from solo and they aren't answering my email inquiring about it.
i logged in fine. i posted fine. i refreshed the page fine. a while later i refresh and find i'm logged out and banned ("blocked"). while logged out, other people's user info page can be viewed but not mine, it's gone. it wasn't some glitch when i went to post or change settings or anything like that. it happened when i wasn't doing anything on the website but checking for a reply. i really think i'm banned.[/quote]

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