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Submitted by gregster on Sun, 2013-07-07 12:52

Interesting talk, I'm not convinced in some avenues, such as "morphic resonance" but take a look.

Rupert Sheldrake after researching old handbooks of physical constants:

“How do you explain this drop in the speed of light between 1928 and 1945?”

He said “Oh dear. You’ve uncovered one of the most embarrassing incidents in the history of our subject.”

So I said “well could it mean that the speed of light really did drop at least as measured on Earth during that period?”

He said “Oh of course not.”

I said “Why not?”

“Cos it’s a constant.”

So I said “Well then, I can’t see any other explanation than that people all around the world were sort of fudging their results to get what they thought everyone else would expect them to get and then, discarding outliers, and coming up with these very narrow error bars that agreed with everyone else. And so, then, it must have been produced by some sort of fudging process.”

He said “We don’t like to use the word fudge.”

So I said “What do you prefer?”

“We prefer to call it intellectual phase-locking.”