The Tutsis vs The Hutus

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Submitted by Doug Bandler on Thu, 2013-07-25 07:38

I always try to find new ways to think of the Left / Right divide in America. I found a great comment at an econlog entry that very cleverly depicts it. Here is the comment. Its good:

Let's say you were to immigrate to a new country which is essentially divided between two hostile tribes engaged in perpetual low-intensity warfare. We'll call them Hutus and Tutsis. You have no previous allegiance or affiliation with either tribe.

Let's also say that one tribe, Tutsis, holds a hegemony on all organs of education and opinion, virtually the entire government bureaucracy and all of popular culture. Many of the most prestigious institutions in the country consist of 95%+ Tutsis. Tutsi organizations like "Harvard University" and "The New York Times" are widely respected by even ardent Hutus.

Now of course there are Hutu organizations and no shortage of powerful Hutu people. But, unlike the reverse, there are virtually no prestigious institutions where Tutsis are excluded. I.e. some prestigious and powerful institutions, like "General Electric" or "Goldman Sachs" may be 2:1 Hutu at most. But any with a 10:1 ratio or more are virtually guaranteed to be far inferior, second-rate and low status institutions or organizations. Examples of these pariahs are "Oral Roberts University", "Fox News" and "Amway."

This leads to a strange asymmetry where it is certainly possible to succeed in this society while being Hutu, it almost never hurts to be Tutsi. For example just the other day there was a Tutsi ceremony called "The Academy Awards" that almost exclusively honors Tutsis. Despite this, this ceremony is observed and recognized by Hutus around the country.

A rational, self-interested immigrant to this society would of course choose align himself as a moderate, but reliably loyal Tutsi. Unless you're a Tutsi extremist, leaning Tutsi will almost never hurt your career or standing except in all but the most malformed, backwards and irrelevant Hutu organizations.

But failure to demonstrate at least general sympathy to the Tutsi side will almost undoubtedly lock you out of many career options and generally draw attention to you in most corners of polite society.

Now there are reasons for the Tutsi / Hutus divide that are rooted in ethics and epistemology. But at the level of politics this war of two tribes is an excellent way to think of it. BTW, the guy who wrote this comment is named Doug but he's not me. He has another really smart comment a little further down in the comments section. But it is important to understand that the Tutsis dominate America and the West. This is what OrgOism doesn't understand and why I get angry. Its a defining fact about the world in which we live. The Tutsis rule and they hate non-Tutsis, and want to destroy them.