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Submitted by Rex Wilkinson on Sun, 2006-05-14 19:20

If you were unlucky enough to be born into a family of fundementalists then you may never free yourself of the brainwhashing that you recieved. You will become fearfull when you try and ridd yourself of the concept of god because thats part of the control is the fear and the poor wee kids get it rammed down their throats when they are young and inocent,as all children are .But the christian doesn,t allow the child it,s democratic right to freedom of beleif ,oh no the christian brainwhashes the child with all the threats of hell and fire and eternity.You can imagine what sort of effect that would have on a young mind.When are we going to become wise enough as a nation to stop the fundementalists destroying the minds of our children before we can teach them anything,before the are old enough to think for themselves they have been interfered with and their thinking may never recover,Save The World,from the madnes that is religion.Rex Wilkinson

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Hi Rex

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If a person has been indoctrinated by christian beliefs, language, fears etc - once the person gets to understanding that god and the devil are nothing outside the self (merely internal, cognitive abstractions of the highest or lowest possible), then the rest of the superstition, for indeed it is just superstition, can melt away.

Then the person is not unlucky but rather lucky in a certain fashion, because he/she does have a deeply ingrained "concept" of something great that he/she may choose to be. Objectivism speaks strongly to the "god-like" attributes that man possesses.

Well, quite possibly you're

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Well, quite possibly you're right that that's the most useful course of action. I wasn't claiming that everyone should indoctrinate their children into a faith. I was merely raising the possibility of the usefulness of illusion. "Mankind cannot bear too much reality" and all that...

See the conclusion ...

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... 'doctoring' split issues is a waste of time - both sides can come up with 'symptoms' of their respective 'truth' and prove each other wrong ad infinitum (ad nauseam?) - un-splitting the issue is the only option if you really care for the issue - and in this case that means giving children full rights and freedom to chose, no matter whether they turn out a new Ayn or a new Mary ... so please keep the 'white-wash' for the 'mud-slinging' ;]

>>(and 'Utility': I could

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>>(and 'Utility': I could 'Belt' you with dozens of examples why these statistics are just so much whitewash on the walls - no thanx: conclusion see below

Please, bring 'em on! Because I'm not convinced by the evidence myself - but none of the critiques I've seen have been much good either. And if the evidence does stand, then it's rather embarrasing for those who don't believe in "Noble Myths". (Although if they were smart they would just point to the long-term harm that religion can do, something not assessed in such studies...)

Brainwashing of Children

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... I'd prefer to keep religious discussions out of the equations (and 'Utility': I could 'Belt' you with dozens of examples why these statistics are just so much whitewash on the walls - no thanx: conclusion see below) - the questions should be:

How do we raise our children?

In fear and submission or in (self-)confidence and growth?

Both with or without belief in any kind of 'higher being / power' we still have to face the decision whether to force our own beliefs/non-beliefs on our children or provide them with any/every kind of information and involvement they need, to come up with their own conclusions. And those conclusions, whatever they are, should be respected by any parent, responsible adult, state, you name it ...

Contrary to our present society's approach in raising children, kids aren't stupid: they do understand facts, they even do understand belief (keeping organised religion out again - don't think anybody understands that) and we should have confidence in their understanding and their abilities to let them grow any way they see fit, to prolong and enrich their own lives.

And that's exactly the crucial point where this particular issue get's split: our society is not much interested in strong and free individuals. They want drones to their states to keep the power-scales as the current power-mongerers see fit. And no better way to do that, than catch them early and stunt their minds while they are still vulnerable. For further details of this practice check out Ayn Rand's chapter 'The compracchicos of the Mind' in 'The New Left: The Anti-industrial Revolutions'

(and this works both ways: for the rationalists and the believers!)

Fear and submission will result in the stunted minds desired by 'Mind Control Central', in the split issues both sides are representing here. Unsplit the issue - give children full rights to their minds and their beliefs - and we can stop this 'curing of symptoms' (i.e. mud-slinging) right here.

If you're interested in more in-depth discussions on raising children please take this discussion over to the Solo Parenting forum - I think Tenya's currently preparing a follow-up on the discussions we already had there ... I'll post this reply there as an open invitation to anyone interested ;]

Time to put the boot in.

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This has gone on long enough. It's time for someone to play devil's...er, God's advocate : Religion has been empirically shown to be beneficial to mental and physical health. Devoutly religious people are less likely to suffer from mental illness, live longer, are less likely to commit suicide, cope better with serious illness, etc. and are generally better off than comparable non-religious people. So, far from harming their children, religious parents appear to be doing them quite a favor.

There's a wealth of studies confirming this, go here http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/en... and search for "religion mental health", or equivalent.

What's the causal direction here? That's a very interesting question. I can think of a dozen reasons why these data don't necessarily mean that religious belief causes these beneficial effects. But I'll let you try and come up with some yourself.

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