Memo to Team Ayn, by W. E. Aselword, MBA, PhD

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2013-07-26 09:24

Memo to Team Ayn, by William E. Aselword, MBA, PhD

Hi Guys!

So I thought I should like touch base with you guys and like have a conversation about where we're like at.

So seems some of those SOLO dudes think we're like uncool for wanting to like have a conversation about cool stuff on Mars and totally cool Muslim nannies and like embracing our cool vertebrate cuzzies the fish. Those dudes should like chill and find a cooler place. Seems they just wanna like mention the war all the time. How uncool is that? Perception is reality dudes. If we like focus on other shit then there ain't no war there. Wots not to get about that? Keep on like explorin the cool shit like heavy laws about sayin "shit" in Italy. Keep on networkin about like how totally cool are fire-fighters really. No full-on stuff about Muslims and Marxists and the Trayvon dude. Like we're so totally over it. That shit about "socialism" is like so totally 1950s. Totes hilaire man. Like really really gay.

So team I thought I should just run this up the flagpole and cue you all in. Nothing to like freak out about. The dudes at ARI and TAS have like gotten with the program. They got this memo already. No spookin the horses. Except about the imminent (sorry about the big word guys) takeover of America by Rev. Franklin Graham. Like he'll so totally own it.

Peace and luv

Airheads totally like rock

Dr. Willie

W. E. Aselword, MBA, PhD


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It's not mean to disagree with a person or group. It's not mean to explain why you disagree. It's only mean if, in doing this, human rights or civil liberties are trespassed.

Cowardice is in not speaking up against what is wrong. It is also in not speaking up for what is right. I am not aware that this sort of cowardice has become a virtue however. I would only go so far as to say it is a weakness.

I would hazard a guess that this sort of weakness stems from many different reasons. e.g., apathy, lack of passion about the subject, not knowing the answer because of a lack of any personal philosophy or conviction, a wish to avoid conflict, the mistaken pc fear of worrying it might offend (it usually won't if said honestly and without accompanying insults!) etc

Why a political party should be so weak as to not stand up for what it is supposed to represent is beyond me. It tells me they are not convinced their policies and philosophy is correct and that they can't think so many others do or will do (upon receiving their explanation) either!


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Great term Linz.

It's interesting that Rand opposed everything about the Left except it's secularism whereas Dr. Diana supports almost everything about the Left, such as feminism, pro-homosexuality, unlimited immigration, and its constant fear of the Imminent Christian Theocracy.


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Your Linzisms are priceless.

it's the insolent advocacy of cowardice as a virtue by omnipotent oleaginites

Yes, taking "discretion is the better part of valor" way too far. You end up as a coward, all in the name of not being mean, which is where the Republicans have ended up.

America, the country that destroyed itself because it didn't want to be mean.

Obleftivism: the philosophy of not being mean. Vote Dems across the board and stop that imminent Christian Theocracy!!


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I for one confess I don't know what's at the root of it, other than our old enemy sacrifism: allow evil to set the terms because good must on principle subordinate itself to evil, since morbid self-subordination is integral to its being good.

I had occasion to say to someone in the car tonight, the peculiar vice of our age is not primarily lack of courage (though that's certainly right up there); it's the insolent advocacy of cowardice as a virtue by omnipotent oleaginites. Don't mention Jeremiah Wright. Don't mention Benghazi. Don't mention Zimmerman. Don't mention the war. There'll soon be another memo from W. E. Aselword to Team Ayn: don't mention Ayn! Come to think of it ...

I have a new Linzism for this disgusting travesty: Obleftivism.

Yaron Brook, Ed Hudgins, ARI, TAS: I hereby pronounce thee Obleftivists.

same shit different Republican

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The Republicans won't attack the Left in any significant way. What's at the root of that?

As if we didn't know ...

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... Orgoism's Dr Aselword obviously wrote the same memo to the McCain campaign in 2008 and Romney's in 2012:


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Are you not like paying attention to Texas? I mean, did you not just see the abortion bill they want to pass down there? Or have you not been reading about that monstrous racist Paula Dean? Dude, like where is your mind at? Christianity is running rampant yo. The imminent theocracy is almost upon us bro. VOTE DEM NOW MOTHA FUCKA!!! Obama is not that bad! Only those crappy ass cracka Objectivists think garbage like that. The Dems are secular dude. We can reach them. But those Conservatives.... WOOOOOOW! Those fuckers want to be creating a medieval kingdom.

Just correct the economics, open up the borders, grant amnesty, bomb Iran, colonize Mars and salute rational firemen. Dude, its that simple.

The word 'like' is much more

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The word 'like' is much more annoying if you have to read it rather than say it.

Too Accurate

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Through her mother, I suggested the idea of using placement testing to earn college credit to a "gifted" current high school student who responded via text: "Can you like sign me up for like English with that or somethin I do not want to take English with bird and do summer reading" exactly as quoted. LOL! The "bird" is Mr. Byrd, the senior Honors English instructor, who regularly employs Ayn Rand's massive novel ATLAS SHRUGGED as summer reading. That quote was too good not to share. Sadly, too many people have not a clue about what CLEP is and how to employ it as a high school supplement to turn almost any high school class into a college credit class.

We are, like, doomed, ya know?

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