Mind Control and Children

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As promised I'll cross-post this to Solo Parenting as I think it is not so much a problem of the bogey-man or the fear of god, but the way we control the minds of our children through fear and submission - which btw. works both ways: for the rationalists and the believers - the crucial point is to let the children decide instead of controlling their minds to get the desired results: fearful, stunted children ...


... I'd prefer to keep religious discussions out of the equations (and 'Utility': I could 'Belt' you with dozens of examples why these statistics are just so much whitewash on the walls - no thanx: conclusion see below) - the questions should be:

How do we raise our children?

In fear and submission or in (self-)confidence and growth?

Both with or without belief in any kind of 'higher being / power' we still have to face the decision whether to force our own beliefs/non-beliefs on our children or provide them with any/every kind of information and involvement they need, to come up with their own conclusions. And those conclusions, whatever they are, should be respected by any parent, responsible adult, state, you name it ...

Contrary to our present society's approach in raising children, kids aren't stupid: they do understand facts, they even do understand belief (keeping organised religion out again - don't think anybody understands that) and we should have confidence in their understanding and their abilities to let them grow any way they see fit, to prolong and enrich their own lives.

And that's exactly the crucial point where this particular issue get's split: our society is not much interested in strong and free individuals. They want drones to their states to keep the power-scales as the current power-mongerers see fit. And no better way to do that, than catch them early and stunt their minds while they are still vulnerable. For further details of this practice check out Ayn Rand's chapter 'The compracchicos of the Mind' in 'The New Left: The Anti-industrial Revolutions'

(and this works both ways: for the rationalists and the believers!)

Fear and submission will result in the stunted minds desired by 'Mind Control Central', in the split issues both sides are representing here. Unsplit the issue - give children full rights to their minds and their beliefs - and we can stop this 'curing of symptoms' (i.e. mud-slinging) right here.

If you're interested in more in-depth discussions on raising children please take this discussion over to the Solo Parenting forum - I think Tenya's currently preparing a follow-up on the discussions we already had there ... I'll post this reply there as an open invitation to anyone interested ;]

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