What is Sane

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Submitted by Rex Wilkinson on Mon, 2006-05-15 01:09

I believe there is no sane way to believe in god,no rational way to believe in someting for which there is no proof.The leap of faith required to reach god is another way of saying don,t work it out just believe.The idea of god is insane! it,s so completly rediculous to think there is a being in the sky thats all knowing and all powerfull,so stupid ,so lacking in comprhension.WE now have society split down the middle,on one side we have the fundementalists,like Don Brash,and on the other side we have the democrats who support the rights of the minority that are atheists.I can accept people believing what they want but I don,t like having fundementalists in positions of responsibility,if your too stupid to see that religions a load of crap,we don,t want you in parliament.Rex

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