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The dark ages,a very ugly time in our history,how quickly the cruel and ruthless crusaders become the righteous,the pioneers.At the time of the witch burning the laws regarding the sale of rhy wheat had not yet been established.The bread was contaminated with a fungi producing LSD.The hot spots around the world for witch burnings were exactly the same as the low points around the world where mould grows best.It wasn,t until they introduced standards for the sale of wheat that the witch burning stopped.So we humans are capable of mass histeria,mass insanity,if enough of us think it,s real the rest just seem to go along with it because they are afraid if they don,t the crowd may come for them next.Religion is insanity and the people are too afraid to stand up and be counted for fear that the crowd will come for them.Society still fears religion.And it is that fear that most can,t get around,a lion without courage,a people living in fear,pathetic.

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Warm fuzzies

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I don,t believe you can be a little bit of a believer,you either believe or you don,t .So far as taking better care of yourself,bullshit what an arogant attitude,so people who don,t believe treat themselves badly do they?what a load of crap I,m more likely to look after myself properly if I believe it,s up to me,if you were to decide that it,s all in gods hands anyway then just go with the flow and whatever will be will be,the idea that there is a god and a heaven is insane and I can,t see the benefit in encouraging our people tp be insane,knowledge used to be something of value,until knowledge replaced religion,now they want to be ignorant again.

Religion... HEALTH? We got

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Religion... HEALTH?

We got this group in my home state that just keeps killing kids because they think "prayer" is the most valid form of medicine. Not exactly healthy is it. It's happened like 3-5 times in about 3 years couple parents even got jail time.

I think there's a benefit in being mildly hypocritically religious and health. Many people manage to keep the warm fuzzies while refusing some of the more insane aspectes of religion. You have a fairly effective guide for living, you feel pretty good about yourself for following it, you're more apt to take care of yourself.


Inking is sexy.

Utility belts healthy religion?

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I,m new at this and havn,t found your comments on healthy religion,I am not sure of the chemical composition of the mushrooms that produce lsd,the point was the people were tripping from the bread and the mould growing in it,they did not realise for hundreds of years so for hundreds of years people were suffering from hulucinations and hearing voices etc mainly from the effects of the lsd,and the mass insanity that followed is just an example of why being a sheep is not a good idea.If evrybody thought for themselves instead of letting the crowd decide then the world would be a safer place.Rex

Fungi do not produce LSD.

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Fungi do not produce LSD. LSD is a semi-synthetic. Certain fungi do produce LSD-like alkaloids, but...oh, never mind. You still haven't responded to my point about religion being beneficial to health.

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