Music of the Gods: TV Interview—Lindsay Perigo, Mario Lanza ... and the Meaning of Life! :-)

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Glad you enjoyed the interview, and glad to see you posting again.

I'm afraid nothing will induce me to spend time on Faecesbook unless it's absolutely unavoidable (as it is sometimes as an assist in getting my stuff "out there"). A babble of banality that makes me suicidal, since it no doubt is an accurate reflection of the state of what now passes for humanity.

Fantastic interview Linz. I

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Fantastic interview Linz. I have missed this place!

Facebook actually has a decent and growing amount of Objectivist/libertarian material. Happy to give a few pointers. (Although I do agree that a great deal of Facebook content generally tends toward the superficial.)

Hahaha, Marcus!

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Thank you! Actually, there *is* a secret, but I'm not ready to divulge it yet. Doing so is my next project. I don't mean Authenticism, though that's an imminent project too—and, in its way, part of the secret.

Funny thing. I just went to Faecesbook to post a link to this interview. It's been a merciful while since I've been to that cesspool of superficiality. As soon as I saw again that babble of banality I was so nauseated I had to leave before posting. I realised there'd be no point anyway. To talk about pearls before swine would be unkind to swine. The unrelenting, malevolent inanity of Faecesbook is Ayn Rand's "drooling beast" in horrific reality.

Love it Linz...

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...and it looks like this book has rejuvenated you.

What's your secret?

Your next book has to be about Ayn Rand.

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