You Get The Face You Deserve

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Submitted by PhilipC on Tue, 2006-05-16 19:59

I don't think the statement "You Get The Face You Deserve" is -always- true. Sometimes it's bone structure, being under or overweight, complexion, size of mouth or eyes, etc. Some people are blessed by being born with handsome faces with clean and regular features. Other times, someone who concentrates or thinks a lot has intense eyes or a wrinkle at the top of the brow. There are angry people whose temper or bitterness does indeed show on their face. There are unhappy faces

But look at this photo of Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan dictator:

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What does it tell you (at least as a hypothesis)? What single adjective or noun (hint: start with the letter B) does this picture suggest, which is accurate in his case?

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A Good Face - as Engaged in Action

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I just saw Michael Mandelbaum being interviewed on Charlie Rose.
A homely or geeky face. But not an issue of a physiognomy in repose.
Instead, as engaged in answering questions, he projected a sense of a
true intellectual - earnest, ruthlessly focused and intent, lack of caginess.
Directness and only being focused on the literal truth of what was being
discussed. Very obviously in demeanor not a politician and so focused
that he wasn't worried about the audience disagreeing with him. He
projected a laser-like, conscientious mental discipline.

After 40

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After 40 he can't.


"You get the face you deserve."

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Thus confirming my glory.

Adam Buker

...well, since u ask so

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...well, since u ask so nicely
here's a post that thin
laure your's is right precisely
but my idea was to put "brute" in

This thread's screwed

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I can't read a thread that's 600 characters wide and requires side-
scrolling. Pleae, pretty please, with sugar on top, fucking learn
how to post shorter links. Thanks.


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There's an anecdote, I don't

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There's an anecdote, I don't remember who said it, that is related to this:

A person comments about another person "I don't like his face." Someone responds, "but he can't be held responsible for his face. " To which the first person replies, "After 40, he can."

Is it "Bold hero of the international proletariat?"

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Well, there's a lot of evidence that we can judge personality from facial features. There's even a correlation between criminality and unattractiveness. Why this is, is unknown - maybe unattractive people are treated by others in a way which makes them more likely to turn to crime, but we should also consider possible genetic influences - after all, attractiveness and criminality are both heritable, and it makes perfect evoloutionary sense that we would find dodgy types unattractive. This is dangerously close to physiognomy, of course...but hey, what's wrong with that?

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