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Not sure where to post this as it's a television show rather than a film (although a "spin off" from the Marvel Avengers films).

NB - Spoilers coming...

Episode 3 played out in the UK last Friday (a couple of days after the US I believe) and I was struck by some weirdly Objectivist sounding dialogue - towards the episode's end, SHIELD team leader Coulson* confronts guest character Dr Hall, inventor of powerful technology able to alter gravitational fields, who is in the process of attempting to destroy his prototype device, killing himself, Coulson and potentially numerous others in the process.

In the dialogue, Hall praises himself for his own "selflessness" in destroying his invention rather than taking the glory and risking the tech being misused later. Coulson explicitly rejects Hall's stance, pointing to the good the technology could achieve in the right hands, but acknowledges Hall's right to choose his own path - then shoots him (allowing his body to fall into the gravity distortion in a manner that prevents the destructive reaction).

What struck me is the apparent negative portrayal of deliberate selflessness and the neo-luddite "all technology is dangerous so lets destroy it" attitude that pervades much media of this genre.

If anyone else is following it, any thoughts?

* For those unfamiliar, Agent Coulson, played by Greg Clarke, is the character who appeared in a supporting role in several of the Avengers build-up films before apparently dying in the battle during "The Avengers". The circumstances in which he continues to live have yet to be fully explored.

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