KASS Music Gem (and Refutation of Bandlerian Determinism!): Lady Leontyne

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2013-10-26 05:17

That's one thing about the performing arts ...

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... that I never got used to: "including her stance facing an incredibly long ovation"
I do understand that applause, ovations, are an artists bread and butter - as the great lady put it herself: "... because they [the public] make the careers ..."
But do these ovations have to come in the form of a mob screaming and stamping their heads off? You listen to the most beautiful music you can imagine and five seconds later you are in a cacophony from hell. Talk about head-banging-caterwauling ... some audience should simply not be admitted to beautiful performances ; )
who prefers to enjoy such performances at home (digitally) without having to deal with the neanderthals in the audience ... my loss on the live performance obviously, but I'll take it rather than suffer through those last minutes.

Video of Price's Last and Great Performance of Aida

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Yes, a great interview of the great Leontyne Price. Her live broadcasted concert at the met in '82 turned me on to opera. WTF was my reaction to hearing her insanely long held high note (I think it was reported as a D flat, something above a high C, Lindsay would know) at the end of Verdi's O Pace mio dio. She retired from opera going out on top singing and nailing the greatest grand opera, Verdi's Aida, at the Met to monumental acclaim, except the NY Times was petty, no surprise there. I still recall the critic criticizing her because she didn't dress like a slave in rags, completely ignorant that Romans took the daughters and sons of Royalties as guarantees and those "hostages" lived in the royal courts - they would never have been dressed in rags and wouldn't be slaves.

This is her last performance in opera, it is amazing. Oliva, you will enjoy it tremendously including her stance facing an incredibly long ovation.

BTW, I was there that night in the standing room section, which was directly behind the best seats in the house. I was lucky enough to get tickets for her last 3 performances, it was something very special.

Great interview!

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An excellent item, Lindsay. Thanks for posting this. Made my day.


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That was an amazingly inspiring 41 minutes! She has such a natural profundity about her whole life, about music and her great country. She brought me to tears several times. 81!!!!!!!! Unbelievable.

Leontyne Price is an extraordinarily proud, beautiful and successful woman.

I felt chastized just listening to her.

Loved it, what a treat

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Now there's a lady who's utterly in love with her voice and proud of it! What a treat, what an affluent sense of LIFE!!!!

I probably won't have as much

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I probably won't have as much to brag about myself when I am that age, but this really inspires me.

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