KASS Music Gem (and Refutation of Bandlerian Determinism!): Lady Leontyne

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2013-10-26 05:17

Great interview!

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An excellent item, Lindsay. Thanks for posting this. Made my day.


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That was an amazingly inspiring 41 minutes! She has such a natural profundity about her whole life, about music and her great country. She brought me to tears several times. 81!!!!!!!! Unbelievable.

Leontyne Price is an extraordinarily proud, beautiful and successful woman.

I felt chastized just listening to her.

Loved it, what a treat

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Now there's a lady who's utterly in love with her voice and proud of it! What a treat, what an affluent sense of LIFE!!!!

I probably won't have as much

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I probably won't have as much to brag about myself when I am that age, but this really inspires me.

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