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Submitted by Doug Bandler on Fri, 2013-11-01 04:42

Well my friends, the time has come to say goodbye. When posting some of my nutty racial ideas on some of the open threads I realized that I am not an Objectivist anymore. I don't know what I am. I have traveled down the dark path of genetic determinism. And with that comes ethno-collectivism and patriarchy. I no longer see individualism as viable. Individual liberty the way Randians and libertarians conceive it jeopardizes the group. Like all liberal schemes it allows for ethnic ties to erode, for women to become debauched, for the racial composition of the nation to darken and for the beauty and joy of the native people to be destroyed. Our current culture leaves me cold. I care nothing for its sports teams, for its movies, for its cities, for its music, for its television shows, for its soul. That' because it has no soul. A soul has one color not ten.

On my darker days I hope for the entire West to implode. I would love to see the elites get their cumuppance. I would love to see men like Paul Krugman swing from his neck from a lamppost. But all I see is evil men and women winning as Charlie Sheen would say. And I see the majority of people in the West ignorant of the devastation that looms. I see Objectivists who won't even name the fact that black on white crime exists, that men are suffering greater unemployment than woman and that that is by design, that Leftists openly wish for the total browning of America and the disappearance of white people. I see these things. I see the evil of the Cathedral (ie the left) so clearly. Yet no one else does. Only the reactionaries do. And they do not want a libertarian utopia. No, they want the 4th Reich or an American Monarchy or the return of the sexual mores of Jayne Austin's Britain. And they want whites everywhere. A homeland for whites, maybe even an empire. And here is where I get stuck. I have a choice between weakling Objectivists and their naive Randian revolution capturing a mixed race society where selfish is the most evil word in existence. And on the other hand I see reactionaries who are angry and know who to hate. Its always important to know who to hate. Objectivists don't understand that Leftists must be hated. Not to do so is to reveal that you're a lemming, a drone and a fool. The only movements with strength and balls are reactionary ones. They want to see the left destroyed not re-educated "with proper principles". I'm drawn to strength even if it is crazy. Objectivism is filled with Mr. Spock clones who resemble the living dead. They fill me with nothing but emptiness and boredom. Objectivists are good at boring people. Not a useful skill.

You know you are heading into dark waters when you read Adolf Hitler's 'Table Talks' and you say to yourself, "shit, this dude got a lot of things right." Or you read Himmler and say "man was smart". I'm beginning to think that General Patton was right, we fought on the wrong side during WWII. No longer am I even remotely close to Objectivism land. I'll probably be an ethno-nationalist by mid February. Which means I'm giving up being involved with political movements altogether. I just don't care anymore. The West has to suffer and through that suffering will come what will come. Whether that is Leftist tyranny, total societal fracture, the rise of reactionary mass movements, or the Randian utopia (odds are probably greater that an asteroid will hit but I'll throw it in there.) I'm officially a far-right-wing maniac without a home. Its liberating in a way. I'm free to hate everyone.

So let me wish all goodbye. There are some smart people here. Michael is really smart. Too combative but smart. As is Robert and Terry (who could stand to be a little less Binswanger-esque). British Tom is a good man as is anti-Jihad Richard as is Gregster. Lady Slapper is a fine person too for a woman and therefor the enemy. But I forgive her the sin of being born with a vagina. Its a destructive thing but for some reason evolution thought it important that it be involved with reproduction. What can you do?

But the greatest man of Solo is the founder himself. Lindsay you are a good man. I wish you and I could have been friends. Friends not lovers, I'm too addicted to anchovies. But you have a soul. I know this because in one of your interviews about Mario Lanza you started to cry. Actually you couldn't talk for a few seconds. Your throat wouldn't let you. The spirit of love was bursting from your veins. Hero worship was all over you. Only a man with a soul acts that way. See, can other races do that to the same extent? I'm not sure if they can. Which is why the disappearance of the white race may mean the disappearance of deep passion itself. The world will be poorer for that but nature is cruel. It doesn't care about beauty only genetic victors. Shedding a tear for the one tenor may not serve Darwinian aims. And now you see why I am miserable.

Fare well all. This board should be for those who love Rand and her system not for someone who has surrendered to the demons of fatalism, determinism and despair.

The rest is silence...


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I think you should stay. I'm not an objectivist and LP tolerates me.

Farewell Doug. It is plain

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Farewell Doug, you are being honest here and that is to your credit.

It is plain that you haven't really been an objectivist, or classical liberal, as such, for some time and it was becoming increasingly tiresome to have to point this out while challenging your racial determinism, which I think is just plain wrong in the broadest sense. I do owe you a favour for introducing me to the fine works of Raymond Tallis, especially Aping Mankind, which I would urge any objectivist to read.

Thank you Doug

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I have always held a theory that those in colder climes had to use their noggin more than those born under coconut trees and this does explain inherited mental strengths. I don't find much of what you've said in that subject to be controversial - the supportive evidence is overwhelming. Our target should remain to be statist politicians, and nothing in this regard has altered since Rand's cutting analyses. George Reisman's The Benevolent Nature Of Capitalism explains why statism increases the negative statistics of racial minorities.

Doug, I hope you find this useful

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Something that I have noticed about you is that you think statistically. It doesn't lead to understanding but approximations of truth.

I think your nihilism necessarily follows from your atheism/materialism/evolutionary beliefs.

I think you recognise sinfulness and hate it - but then try and interpret it from a world view that can't make sense of it.

Fare well.

Doggie dearest....

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I know, it's terrible that we women are all born with vaginas, we really are just all CUNTS deep down. I hope you make your peace with that at some point in your life, but it's not looking very likely.

Seriously Doug darling, you need a holiday. Find some fresh air and new scenery for a couple of months, and give yourself permission to have a damn good cry!

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