Would love to know what KASS is...

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Submitted by Robert Nasir on Wed, 2006-05-17 18:51

Would love to know what KASS is.  Seems like it may have originated as a quirky way to write, "kick-ass", but I see it used in contexts where that substitution wouldn't make any sense (at least gramatically), so perhaps it's an expression that's taken on a life of it's own?

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Thank you, Señor. Linz!

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That was a muy mucho kick-ass reply!

Hey Fred

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Malrassic Park is the Polish poster on HPO. Eye

Sciabarra is most readable compared to MP's Kant-exegeses.

Polish is unKASS!

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"Polish" is the word I employ for Sciabarra's academic writings, e.g., "Zbigniew intracontextual synchronic orientation Brzezinski monistic organicism Karol Józef diachronic interactionism Wojtyła." It may be seen as, "Why use one short word when twenty long ones will suffice?"; or, "Muddy the waters, making them seem deep"; or, wanking.

"KASS" does indeed mean Kick-Ass. I first used it post-TOC's 2004 Summer Seminar in Vancouver in my article, TOC, SOLO ... and KASS, in which I said:

... An abiding concern pervaded the week, notwithstanding all of the positives nominated above: a deep anxiety over TOC's lack of what I came to call - borrowing from the American colloquialism - the "kick-ass" factor (in all public discourse hereafter, I shall refer to it as KASS). All present in Vancouver seemed aware that TOC lacks KASS - the sharp polemical edge that should accompany the scholarly deliberations on which TOC wants to be able to pride itself. TOC donors and grass-roots supporters alike want to see their organisation become much more visible and potent. They want it to stop pulling its punches as a matter of principle. They want to know just what the hell the full-time staffers *do* Monday to Friday?! Why is their productivity so easily able to be eclipsed by rank-and-file Objectivists with day jobs? Why is its public persona so anaemic? These are concerns I raised some years ago ... their resolution now, I submit, is a matter of life-and-death urgency for TOC. Perhaps SOLO could become TOC's KASS-partner? We would insist on retaining a separate/equal identity, of course, with the right to beat up on our comrades' *lack* of KASS ... but we who understand the importance of the division of labour should be looking to effect an amicable and workable detente here."

Hmmmmmm. Smiling



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Put me down for wanting to know what "Polish" means - generally used to describe Sciabarra's writing style. A play on "Pomo" - post-modernism?

I think KASS does mean kick-ass.

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