Horreurs! Deux Heures du Linz!!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2013-12-21 09:38

With Jeff Rense on his Internet radio show, promoting The One Tenor:


I Was Kind Of...

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Hoping undue influence or somesuch sucked you into the JFK conspiracy fruit loopery vortex, instead of you willingly walking into it.

Remember during the fatwa when you stated that Peikoff's friends should tap him on the shoulder and inform him of his nuttery? Unfortunately, your friends have not done it for you, but it's a hard thing to say to somebody and they react badly.

Galt knows I've tried to drag you kicking and screaming away from that particular brand of fashionable -- ahem -- airheadery, but as thanks I've only received derision. Oh well, maybe it at least sheds some light on how realistic that proposition would have been with Peikoff at the time.

Peikoff appears to have done a 180, so I hold out hope. Perhaps one day you'll see the light and thank me properly, but I also realize dislodging a (bad) idea that you've become emotionally invested in also might qualify as the 13th labor of Hercules.


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I know that about Rense too. I call it compartmentalisation. We can't all be perfect. Eye


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Some time ago I posted Jeff Rense's interview with Wagnerian bass Noel Tyl, re Mario. In my introduction, I said:

I have a friend, Jeff Rense, who's internationally famous as a radio host specialising in banking conspiracies, Illuminati, alien abductions and the like. He knows I think all that is unutterable nonsense, but I look past it in his case because he appreciates as few others do, and has promoted the glory of as few others have, the singing of Mario Lanza. He's just broadcast an interview with an eminent Wagnerian (seems I have to look past a hell of a lot!) bass-baritone named Noel Tyl, on the greatness of Mario. Having just been playing one of Jeff's Mario CDs, Noel says he listened to as much as his heart and libido could withstand. No higher compliment could be paid than that. "Heart and libido" are what Mario was all about. Here's the interview:

Jeff has had no influence whatsoever on my view of the JFK assassination; I don't even know what his view is. I shall make my own mind up on JFK as on all other matters.

It would be nice if folk stuck to topic in the few days SOLO has left. One thing's for sure: I won't miss the small-mindedness.

Jeff Rense...

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Isn't he one if the biggest conspiracy crackpots on the planet running one of the biggest conspiracy websites?

Is that where Linz's JFK conspiracy nuttery is emanating from?

Things are starting to make a little more sense now.

Loved it Lindsay

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He has a good radio manner. I enjoyed it and will listen again. Mario commands a piece while not outreaching himself. Mastering them. Giving his finest interpretation. I think I know what you mean there. E Lucevan by Carreras sounds like a patchwork of phrases compared with Mario's. Nowadays I never tire of Che gelida manina. You've done it again. First; Ayn via the Free Radical, and now these greats.. And another plug for the Callinicos interview vid. Good on you. Higher view rate since around Nov 21st. 10,700 today.

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