Merry Xmas SOLOists

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2013-12-24 05:50

Goblians claim, mistakenly, that December 25 is Jeezy's birthday, and that Jeezy was the Son of Gobby while simultaneously being Gobby, while both were/are simultaneously Ghosty. It's all nonsense, of course, but one has to acknowledge it was/is momentous nonsense (one hopes for not much longer, even as a more vicious nonsense threatens to trump it). Let us, in the spirit of no nonsense, and SOLO's commitment to an aesthetic renewal, revel in this stellar performance of Tchaikovsky's life-and-beauty-proclaiming 5th Symphony and know what is possible to man in spite of the irrationalists in all their guises.

Please note that as from Jan 1, 2014, will cease to be active; it will be accessible, but inert (in this latter respect it will be hard to notice a difference from recent times, but the salient point is that it will no longer be possible to post anything new here). I thank all those, friends and adversaries alike, who made SOLO, in its heyday, such a lively and in some ways seminal forum. I accept that those days are past and I can no longer justify the expense to myself of keeping it going. I also know that I must make the effort to lay out my own differences with Objectivism systematically, and use them as the springboard for a new personal Credo—currently a series of mere sketches—which I shall bring to fruition on a reactivated SOLO (thenceforth meaning small 'o' objectivists) or entirely new site in due course. There are many things I want to say, but I shall save them for that occasion. In the meantime, I commend this as an embodiment of total passion for the total height:


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I second the remark about making a small annual fee a requisite for posting with a prorated refund available to those who get the boot or leave for whatever reason.

PayPal should make this easy.


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One must provide reason and analysis to support one's views. Many suggest that you're not capable of doing this.

The only people who make this suggestion are way too bogged down in Objectivist Low-living and petty psychologizing to even recognize when reason and analysis are in front of them.

Did you not post here lately at the twisted bidding of MSK? And you saw fit to obey?? Those people are as obsessed with Lindsay Perigo as Toohey was with Howard Roark. It's funny beyond redemption, but sad that you are beholden to it.


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I'd pay for a yearly registration to Solo in order to post. A one off yearly payment would keep the riff-raff out and the good faith posters in.


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Thanks! That may be just the ticket!


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Linz - I am quite interested in the relationship between aesthetics, culture, and politics and I look forward to your thoughts on these matters. But one must not simply state preferences or presuppositions--with KASS, of course! One must provide reason and analysis to support one's views. Many suggest that you're not capable of doing this. I hope you will.

Honestly, Ed, you should liberate yourself from thralldom to the O-Liars, especially those who worship filth such as Sun Ra. What would they know?

I have been offering my thoughts on these matters for years, especially since SOLO began. The fact that my thoughts are emotionally charged (proudly) should not be taken to mean they're unsupported by reason and analysis. Contrary to popular misconception, reason and analysis are not the exclusive domain (or even the domain) of those who quail at polemical passion and are impressed only by screeds of pomo-gibberish.

Did you miss this one Ed?

It's very empirical. No floating abstractions. Non-floating abstractions certainly come in abundance after the empirical facts have been cited. But I'm afraid it's all very unfashionably unambiguous!

Happy New Year to you. See you Feb 1? Or you can slip another one in before midnight if you like. Smiling

Good Luck and a Word about Spambots

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Linz, thanks for patiently operating this site. I know it can be a thankless job. So thank you.

As for spambots, please consider altering registration to require moderator approval through some means of manual verification. I ran a science site and had the same problem. I finally forced people to send me a written request for addition to the members list. Problem solved with minimal hassle.

Last words for now -- and you're welcome!

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I write in hast an 2014 approaches NZ and this website is frozen for at least a while. Thus my point about continuing discussions and posts elsewhere. (My New Year's piece might not get in under the wire. So check it out elsewhere!)

Linz - I am quite interested in the relationship between aesthetics, culture, and politics and I look forward to your thoughts on these matters. But one must not simply state preferences or presuppositions--with KASS, of course! One must provide reason and analysis to support one's views. Many suggest that you're not capable of doing this. I hope you will. I will watch with interest. Good luck!

To everyone

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Please note the shutdown will occur at the beginning of New Year's Day Eastern Time U.S., about 21 hours from now as I type this.

My thinking now, having read and digested the messages on this thread, is, more than ever that this is not goodbye but au revoir. My plea to folk, especially those who've broken years-long silences to come out and say how much SOLO has meant to them, is: when normal transmission is resumed, please don't be strangers. Participate! We are all passionate valuers, are we not? Then we shouldn't be mute on a site which gives us unprecedented freedom to express and debate our values—especially when those values pertain to the very survival of civilisation itself.

Another concrete way to demonstrate one's appreciation of SOLO would be to hit the Contribute button and donate, say $10 or $5 a month. Just a handful of people doing that would make a huge difference to me and very little to them. I don't make a habit of soliciting (whatever rumours one may have heard to the contrary!) but this would seem a timely moment to remind folk that putting a few dollars where their mouths are is a sure-fire way of keeping the things they purport to value alive.

I'm mindful more than ever of the value of an Objectivist site that allows access to all-comers and welcomes open and spirited debate. I thank Michael Moeller, in particular—a giant here—for his gracious post invoking my oft-repeated statement that if we want to win the contest of ideas then we must at least participate in it and take our opponents on! "Spirited" is not a euphemism, however, for "boorish and vicious"; civility, while not a virtue in the face of evil, ought nonetheless to be our default position until there's a clear reason not to extend it. When SOLO returns I'll be reminding folk anew of the posting guidelines: good faith, good will and good humour.

The reports here of gloating on IgnobleHQ about SOLO's "demise" have helped sharpen my mind considerably about not surrendering the realm of the noble to the ignoble. And I have greater clarity as to how I can with impunity retain the title SOLO while fleshing out the specifics of my own incipient "Authenticism." I shall write a new SOLO Credo while preserving the current one—no revisionist history here—and lay out a further Credo of Authenticism in installments over time right here where folk may critique it as it unfolds.

Still, I do need a break from a situation where my first chore every day is to remove spambots that have invaded the site overnight. After that, my present intention is to resume "normal transmission" as soon, possibly, as February 1. So, stay tuned, SOLOists. And Happy New Year!

Thank You

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Recent times have shown a divergence in our paths and views, to say the least, but I want to sincerely thank you for SOLO.

SOLO was a place where Objectivists, pseudo-Objectivists, Rand haters, Christians, et al. could all debate with equal vigor. When I first joined as a youngster, I welcomed the opportunity to enter the fray. I always thought that if one was looking for a carriage ride in Central Park, SOLO was not the place. SOLO was more like the Wild West where all different factions and ideological breeds could get down to bareknuckle debate, or even shoot it out. I think it unfortunate that many Objectivists -- particularly the young ones -- will no longer be able to cut their teeth in the rough-and-tumble world of ideological debate with so many diverse viewpoints.

Naturally, I think people tend to eventually coalesce into groups of people that think like them, including the various factions within Objectivism. Conservatives tend to debate only on conservative sites, leftists on leftist cites, and so forth and so on. Understandable, even if a bit regrettable.

Like most groups, I think Objectivists are still happy in their own comfort zone. However, in order to be a cultural force, I've always agreed with you that Objectivists need to be willing to confront any-and-all comers. To succeed, individual Objectivists need to be willing to step away from that comfort zone and take those leaps into the mainstream marketplace for ideas.

In spite of that tendency of humans in general, SOLO was able to sustain a diverse forum for debate for a long time. And I know for a fact that it was no easy task for you to keep it all together under so much constant turmoil, but, like humans perhaps, diverse debate forums simply have a life – a life that breaks down under the pressures of ideological people not wanting to deal with each other any longer.

In any event, I thank you for your efforts in keeping the forum alive for so many years.

SOLO fostered many much-needed debates on grand and seminal topics. I, for one, will reminisce fondly upon those debates.


To quote myself:

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"Civility in the face of evil is no virtue; rage in the face of nihilism is no vice."

Though much is taken, much

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Though much is taken, much abides; and though
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.


Not With a Whimper But...

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Still a lot of passion, energy, and robust debate here on Solo Passion -- even at the end! Eye


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Capitalists, thinking to please their clients, tend to civility, while compulsive governments are disposed to brutal statements or obfuscations and brutality.

Civility has nothing to do with appeasement or mitigation of the truth.


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Kasper is with me and we are both cheering you! You've surpassed yourself! Funny, I saw 'Lincoln' for the first time the other night, and laughed my tits off through those debating scenes!

Tore—thank you, from the heart! Ed Hudgins'—Ed, a sophisticated, intelligent, cultivated human being—being in such thrall to such an unutterable low-life as that thing on O-Lying, leaves me gobsmacked. It is, as Jason has observed, part of the reason TAS can make no headway: how can a group make headway when it routinely genuflects on demand to proud sewer-dwellers? In the post before his really dumb, cheesy one, Ed asked me about my take on aesthetic renewal and to what extent it required personal renewal, almost in the way of someone coming to Jeezy. I can say with absolute assurance that while TAS lacks the moral compass to be revolted by the O-Lying scum and Nathaniel Branden and his "art of lying consciously" and all the rest of O-Lying's sneering sleaze, it as a component of Orgoism is doomed ... and deservedly so ... and there'll be no renewal of any kind inspired from that quarter.

One of the best things...

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about Solo is that it has always been robust - and civility is, and ought to be, secondary to truthfulness when it comes to the realm of debate. After over 200 years of free speech you'd think this would be unshakeably rooted in our culture, but for some reason a squeamish attachment to civility won out as the higher virtue over truth.

The thing is, when civility is the dominant rule in cultures (be they institutions, clubs or philosophical gatherings), it tends to breed an ugly undercurrent of petty backbiting and behind-the-scenes character assassinations which are based in passive aggressive weakness rather than open confrontational strength. Frankly, they end up being anything but civil. I know what sort of culture I'd rather exist in, and I certainly know what sort of culture I'd prefer to watch men act within.

I like things to be civil wherever possible because I like good-breeding, but not when it's a phony coverup to hide a weak character, a twisted nature or an atrocious point of view. Solo has never allowed that kind of shit to pass and that is because its moderator has his priorities straight.

Click on the clip below and watch how robust debates used to be conducted with scum, and ought to be. Smiling

So i guess i have to post

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So i guess i have to post something good, so the smelly, disgusting scum over at OL doesn't get to shit all over you in sheer shadenfreude-drunkenness. I'll try, to the best of my limited abilities (i cannot write english to save my soul):

Perigo, your site has meant the world to me. I'm 30 years now, and i survived my twenties because of you. At twenty years old, i discovered Ayn Rand. I fell in love with Objectivism. Unfortunately, i cannot say the same for Objectivists, for the most part. They always seemed like alien geeks to me, so i thought maybe Objectivism is not for me. Until i discovered

You see, i'm Norwegian. Norwegians are cold, passionless, negative people. Imagine how Norwegian so.called "Objectivists" are (not many of 'em, either). They're like the lovechild of Mr Spock and Rain Man, for the most part. I haven't socialized with them, but i've had some discussions with them online. A few seem like really good guys, though (the old black-belt ones), but the young newbies are always hell to encounter.

This site opened my eyes, and introduced me to life "on the level". During 2006, during the PARC-debates, i truly learned that Objectivism is something great, and life is to be enjoyed. I learned that Ayn Rand was not a cold bitch, and i started to read Facets og Ayn Rand. I heard Understanding Objectivism. I read your posts. It was wonderful. Life, is wonderful.

Your differences to Objectivism echoes those of mine, so i await Authentisism with intense anticipation. "and i mean it!"

Don't ever let the bastards grind ye down. To hell with O-lying, to hell with watered-down Objectivism, and shcadenfreude-obsessed Rand-haters. To hell with "gee, happy labour day, everyone, after all, we're all workers, kumbayah!". To hell with robotic, passionless, emotionless non-humans. Fuck 'em all, look foward, with your head held high, and know in your heart that you at least made my day for seven years. Know also that your best achievements are ahead of you.

Best premises,

Tore Nilsen

Seems like you're right...

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On OL, MSK wrote this on some thread:


I have to tease you.

Wanna make a post on SLOP praising OL?


And maybe throw in a good word about me like you do with Perigo here, maybe with some qualifiers about disagreement on less important issues (in order to sound objective)?

You could follow it up with a comment on what a positive thing it is that OL and, say, RoR will be around to carry on the good fight in spreading Rand's ideas through Internet forums.

Wanna see how that plays over there?


(Gawd, I'm wicked sometimes. Smiling )


But wait, there's more! MSK also wrote this, after Ed's post here:

I'll be damned.

Look what Ed just posted on SLOP:

Good Ole Ed said
I might as well also note that those of you who want to keep up with my pieces, which have been posted on SOLO, you can read them and discuss them on Objectivist Living and Rebirth of Reason. (And the Atlas Society website, of course!) I know Linz is not a fan of these sites but I'm sure Michael Stuart Kelly would welcome your civil observations on OL about a number of topics. Is civility opposed to KASS? I don't think so. But we'll have to discuss this topic somewhere other than SOLO after January 1, 2014!

What's that gagging sound I hear? Smiling

It looks like this is going to be among the last things posted on SLOP, so it will just sit there and fester in certain souls like gangrene. Smiling

Our little subculture may be many things, but boring it is not.




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Thank you! I'd kinda wondered the same things about Ed's latest post. His penultimate one was beautiful, but then he had to go and spoil it. And what is it about so many Americans that they seem to have so little idea of protocol? Does one need to be potty-trained to realise that on the website of X it's in bad taste to promote websites X holds in (well-reasoned) contempt? Is it not beyond odd that the self-same miscreants who do this then presume to lecture me about "civility"? I suppose what's happened is that between Ed's second-to-last post and his last one, he's been got at by the same people who browbeat him into withdrawing my invitation to speak at TAS in whatever year it was. Ed, stand up to these people!! You say you're a fan of my KASS—show some!

While I'm here, let me thank everyone on this thread for his/her posts of appreciation. I especially enjoyed the ones extolling the Tchaikovsky 5th. It does embody what SOLO is all about.

Mr. Hudgins

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Mr. Hudgins, who cares about MSK and his website? Where does this come from? I am sure that Lindsay isn't interested in giving his “civil” option about unimportant people. My question for you is why after all of these years after the death of SOLOHQ are these leftover sites still important to you? As far as I am concerned this is a major failure on the part of your organization. It has been 7 or 8 years, and TAS (supposedly a funded professional think tank) has done very little on the internet that I can see. Instead you are interested in Lindsay’s “civil” opinion about the website? This is crazy.

The other side of the Objectivist movement seems to be surviving and doing useful things, but even with them I don’t see the same level of growth that I saw in the early/mid 2000s. Maybe there are things on social media that I am missing, but at best it looks like the strategy is for Objectivism to be merged with the mainstream (Koch brand) libertarian movement. Unless I am missing something Objectivism on the internet has declined and TAS has done nothing to stop this.


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I have to say that your musical selection is impeccable. To me nothing expresses an exalted and impassioned sense of life better than Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 5.

You can read me elsewhere.

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I might as well also note that those of you who want to keep up with my pieces, which have been posted on SOLO, you can read them and discuss them on Objectivist Living and Rebirth of Reason. (And the Atlas Society website, of course!) I know Linz is not a fan of these sites but I'm sure Michael Stuart Kelly would welcome your civil observations on OL about a number of topics. Is civility opposed to KASS? I don't think so. But we'll have to discuss this topic somewhere other than SOLO after January 1, 2014!

A sad farewell to SOLO for now

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Linz – I’m truly sad to hear that you’re shutting down SOLO. You and I have had our disagreements over the years. But I’ve enjoyed the open discussions on this board and your commitment to KASS.

And though I usually comment on political/cultural issues, I’ve always appreciated your commitment to beauty, especially in music. I know many libertarians and Objectivists who are just not into classical music and yet who live good lives. But to me, such music is emotional fuel. It is an affirmation that life is beautiful and holds so much worth living for. It is elevating, calling on one to pursue the best and highest in one’s self. Italian philosopher Benedetto Croce wrote, “Eternity is in the moment, for those who know how to place it there.” As I listen to Tchaikovsky’s magnificent 5th Symphony, I have a renewed understanding of that insight. (By the way, whenever we have the first snowfall of the year, I play Tchaikovsky’s 1st Symphony, the Winter Dream; the lyricism of the second movement especially is the Master at his best!)

I’m very interesting in your thinking on aesthetic renewal. How much of it is the effect of a spiritual renewal in one’s self or in the culture? How much of it is cause? Or what is the synergy between the two? Feel free, if you wish, to share with me privately any thoughts of ideas as you inquiry evolves.

By the way, with SOLOPassion frozen, will your email through the website be frozen as well. I don’t want to lose contact with you.

I look forward to the fruits of your new endeavor!

Though I no longer

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Though I no longer participate on this forum, I often read the posts that are made here.

It will be sad to see this site become inert. However, the thought of this site becoming active once more, and with renewed vigor, is quite exciting.


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Say it isn't so. I can only hope the new site with appear quickly. Thanks for all those years.


Merry Christmas Lindsay. SOLO

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Merry Christmas Lindsay.

SOLO is a great site; you've done tireless and valuable work - apology I've been scarce latterly doing my 'own thing' - really looking forward to the new SOLO.


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Endeavour, Achievement, and Joy.

My three ships for you all for 2014.

And thanks to our host.

Thanks Lindsay

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Lindsay, thank you for hosting SOLO. It must have been a huge job. I didn't post many comments, but enjoyed reading contributions from some very intelligent people. As I was to discover very shortly after SOLO was born, it was certainly not an echo chamber for Randites. Rather, there was some vigorous and spirited debate (perhaps the understatement of the year!). Lindsay, I look forward to the unveiling of your next project - and as PC would say, we wish you a salubrious Saturnalia!

Thank you for SOLO,

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Thank you for SOLO, Lindsay.

Like many others, no doubt, I owe you a lot.


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Cheers. If there were a prize for most constructive contributor to SOLO, that would be you.


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that is very beautifully said. Thanks to you for your posts - they really added something of value here.

On the other hand...

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It is said that death is the greatest invention of life. If SOLO's "demise" results in the birth of something even greater, as it seems may be on the cards, this should not be seen as such a sad announcement. And for so long as the archives remain accessible for all to browse, SOLO shall live on, immortalized.

Felicitations to all who have contributed to the forum constructively, and to Lindsay in particular for being such an accommodating and inspirational host.


Merry Christmas Linz

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Probably my favourite Tchaikovsky piece.

I'm sorry that our (now largely forgotten) quarrels on the old SOLOHQ rather stymied my participation in SOLO-P until very recently, though I some while ago corrected the errors in my own thinking and understanding of Objectivism that I now recognize caused or exacerbated most of our disagreements.

I for one will certainly look forward to the new website.

You may be gratified to know that, as I type this, I am having my annual listen to "Christmas with Mario Lanza" (a singer whose work I was first introduced to as a very young boy by my father, and whom I then re-discovered in the early 2000s after stumbling upon SOLOHQ and various related projects.)

Thank you for all you have done for reason and romanticism thus far.

Yuletide Blessings From Me

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I have had a few drinks today, which is not out of the ordinary at this time of year, or anytime, any year.

Lindsay, I thank you for your sterling efforts here in attempting to shine some light, a clear light of truth, into a world where the barbarian curtain is steadily descending.

I owe you a debt, I'll change that, I *thank you* for publishing material in New Zealand which pressed me from a non-integrated late twenties-something to a confident reasoning adult. Which is more than many.

If I can't post much longer, then there you have it. Your site, your reasons are right. You are one of the best.

This Tchaikovsky...

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reflects the sadness I felt at reading this post.... oh, that horn in the second movement!! I simply adore this conductor's depth and feeling.
Fortunately, it turns to triumph, and the fact that Solo will stand in all its colour, for all to read, is a great contribution to the world, even though it may be lost on most Objectivists.

Merry Christmas to my fellow Soloists, and most especially to you Lindsay, aka Lord Whopper Flopper. Smiling

Yes, in its heyday solo was

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Yes, in its heyday solo was inspiring and fun. Was it Lincoln that said you can accomplish almost anything with the public behind you, but if they are not, you can't accomplish anything?
Cheers for some past wonderful years!

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