Thoughts on the Passing of 'Solo Passion'

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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Mon, 2013-12-30 20:04

They say "All good things must come to an end." C'est la vie...

Solo Passion was the freeest and most open of the allegedly Objectivist discussion forums. Seemingly it was the one which least drove away free-thinkers, innovators, and dissidents -- which least censored and excommunicated.

You could discuss relevant and important issues with more passion and energy here. You could express more thoughtful alternatives and and possible improvements to mindless, soulless "political/philosophical correctness." Freedom to think, breathe, and live was largely allowed. That was the confidence, daring, nobility, and greatness of Solo Passion.

Because the little-known truth and reality is that Objectivist discussion forums gain in strength and quality when they permit those of intellectual power, intelligence, quality, and virtue to join the conversation if they know and care about the radical, controversial, and challenging philosophy of Objectivism. It doesn't matter if they dispute or attack it. It isn't important if the debaters are lowly Platonists, Kantians, Christians, Muslims, Utilitarians, Pragmatists, Existentialists, Positivists, isolationists, anarchists, or pseudo-Objectivist religiosos. People with false and depraved ideas and ideals should be refuted. Not just met with ad hominem attacks. And certainly not censored and excommunicated.

Ayn Rand herself somewhat practiced these last. But she was wrong to do so.

I know that in the future if I choose to communicate on Rebirth of Reason, Objectivist Living, etc. I'll probably have to be more cautious in what I say. There'll be a bit less freedom of thought allowed -- a touch less dissent, innovation, and passion tolerated.

But at least there's more to today's Objectivist Movement and philosophy discussion forums than the evil, loathsome, diseased, and pathetic and cult sites. And The Atlas Society continues to live and thrive.

Farewell to everyone good!


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Thanks, Olivia and Greg! Smiling

Thanks Kyrel

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For sending me a copy of your book, Pure Liberal Fire, and your friendship. I admire your individualism. We don't agree on many things; your over the top (I think) denigration of ARI, and being a proponent of the conventional when it comes to physics, but we share much, and I have more reading to do to fill in some gaps to catch up with you in areas.

Have a great 2014!


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to you too Kyrel. All the very best in the world to you.

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