Airhead Americans, You Asked for It!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2014-01-29 06:49

For anyone falling within the category, "human," there can have been no more repulsive spectacle recently than President Obama's State of the Union address today. It was vile on several counts:

1) the Anti-American President's invoking of the Founders several times to bolster an agenda that is so utterly the antipode of theirs;

2) the litany of lies the creature uttered;

3) the infantile, fawning obeisance with which members of Congress, who have the outer form of adults, lapped it all up;

4) the lip-service paid to liberty by Obamarx when he has done more to destroy it than all recent presidents combined (quite an achievement) and quite clearly intends, with his brazen unilateralism, to carry right on doing so; and

5) the oleaginous nature of the official Republican response from some ghastly Goblian female wittering on about her child's Down's Syndrome being a gift from Gobby. With such self-indulgent mawkishness do Republicans now routinely lower their party's me-too sacrifism to new depths of garish hideousness. Even Rand Paul was pathetic, dutifully reciting tired and boring Romneyesque lines about jobs when the root of all the problems, including joblessness, is Obamarx's aforementioned assault on liberty.

All I could think, over and over, was, "Americans, how can you stand for this?!" Then I remembered the times I have been chastised on this very forum, my own, by Americans for raising such a question as a mere New Zealander. And I thought, so be it. Americans, you asked for it. You are reaping the fruits of your cowardly—and deeply, deeply stupid—acquiesence to airheadery, about which you're in such denial. Enjoy, with my compliments!