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Submitted by MikeE on Sat, 2006-05-20 06:43


New Guy here... just saying hi then going into lurk mode.

Politically I'm a libertarian/classical liberal member of ACT.. didn't know about or understand objectivism untill recently (having been chatting to Rick and reading not PC since september) am just making my way through Atlas Shrugged and have Captialism - the Unknown ideal sitting on the coffee table.

So anyway, just saying hi and introducing myself out of courtesy.

Also - is it just me or are some replys not ordered in the order of reply i.e.

Origional post
2nd reply
1st reply
3rd reply
4th reply

etc.. or am I losing my mind?

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Good on ya there mate.

Fellow Newbie

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I've been lurking for a few weeks and MikeE has inspired me to introduce myself.
I am well known in Family Court circles, but I'm not a lawyer or a judge. Perhaps I could be described as a thorn in thier side, because last year I walked from Hamilton to Wellington with a pushchair, petitioning for an Inquiry into the shambles that loosely resembles a court of law.
Recently I made an oral submission to the Law & Order Select committee in support of my petition, then capped the day off nicely by joining in and video-taping the anti-s59 repeal Bill march on Parliament. Great speech from Lindsay.
It was my search for media that actually told the truth about the march, that led me to Solopassion and Libertarians websites.
I'll return to lurking...for now.

You gotta say yes to another excess

Hey, I'm a newbie, too...and

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Hey, I'm a newbie, too...and I didn't get this kind of welcome Sad

It is

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Don't get him started!


That looks suspiciously like paintball gear.

Hi, Mike. Good to see

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Hi, Mike.

Good to see newbies writing intros. It's becoming a lost art.

Lindsay's correct: you need to slap him around a bit to get the best out of him. Needs to be ridden hard, that sort of thing Eye

Lindsay, don't you dare

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Lindsay, don't you dare publish an autobiography! The SOLO staff are hard-working enough, without having to protect you from a Rushdi-esque fatwah Smiling


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I presume you mean my biography, Mike—the one written by Deborah. I haven't yet found anyone willing to risk publishing my autobiography. Smiling

Hope you enjoy. If you're nice to me I won't sign it for you. Smiling

And I'm just about to start

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And I'm just about to start reading your autobiography Mr Perigo...

Mr. Brooke ...

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As in ... "Dumb-Ass"? Smiling

Ahh it reads like a "normal"

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Ahh it reads like a "normal" forum now...


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You might be interested to know that we have an online study group going at the moment, covering The Romantic Manifesto:

The Romantic Manifesto - Chapter 1: The Psycho-Epistemology of Art
The Romantic Manifesto - Chapter 2: Philosophy and Sense of Life

35 years of age. Atlanta, GA

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35 years of age. Atlanta, GA USA

I'll be the 'Hitman'......good to see you are staying surly, Lindsay.


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I'm appalled to read that "most people on SOLO are friendly and benevolent." Please send me the names and addresses of all people on SOLO who are friendly and benevolent, that I may have them eliminated.

Welcome! :)

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Welcome Mike! I hope you find what you're looking for.

Like Lance and Rick here, most people on SOLO are friendly and benevolent. So if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

As for the order of the comments, like Lance said, try playing with the 'Comment viewing options' at the bottom of the posts. If that doesn't work, post here again, or email Ross and myself at


Good grief

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I didn't see that one coming.

Welcome along, M. Hope you find your experience profitable.

Hello Mike. Welcome to

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Hello Mike. Welcome to SOLO.

The posts are most likely out of order either because Ross, the guy who does the website stuff has not had enough wine to get himself motivated or because Julian, the other website guy has his nose in The Romantic Manifesto and got hung up on what "metaphysical value-judgments" are. Smiling

You can make some adjustments to do with the order of your posts at, I think, the bottom of the page.

Hope you find something you like here and in Rand's stuff.

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