The Language of Liberation

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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Sat, 2014-03-01 07:20

We may need a new vocabulary for political liberty. Some of the current and accepted welfare state language -- even going back over 5000 years, to Sumaria and Eqypt -- seems loose and awful. The very terms themselves largely aim at tyranny, evidently. Thus they likely subtly influence us, and psychologically condition us, to like and accept large aspects of political enslavement.

In particular, the words "govern" and "rule" may simply need to go. No-one wants to be governed or ruled by others. No-one wants to be controlled or compelled by the state -- and "government rulers" certainly seems to imply that. Ultimately, nobody should tolerate any sort of government, rule, control, or compulsion by Leviathan.

The legitimate purpose of government, and proper goal of our rulers, is to protect freedom and defend individual rights. Thus government should probably be called "protectment" or "defensement" or some such. Rulers should be called "protectors" or "defenders." By employing these terms the state would be naturally less inclined to lord it over us and boss us around. More importantly, we'd be far less likely to tolerate it.

The state's dependent, or even servile, status would be more apparent. Government agents would far more readily be seen as, and see themselves as, "public servants" or "social servers"; maybe even as societal "concierges" or "handmaiden" or "assistants" or even "gofers." The whole atmosphere around, and attitude toward, government might radically improve.

Not all of today's political language is dreadful or naturally authoritarian. The designations "president" and "prime minister" are considerably less bad than "governor" or "ruler." A president merely presides over the government and society; a prime minister merely ministers to them.

The term "mayor" seems even more innocuous. Few if any dictators ever aspire to, or use, that title. Altho' the Latin root of the word is still the ominous "greater/larger" or "major/dominant."

In the end, if we all lived under (or alongside) a libertarian law-system administered by a "protectment," and guided by a freedom-fighter and supreme political officer called a "defender," we'd probably have a lot more individual liberty, with far greater justice for all. The state would be much more a protector of the rights of man and defender of Natural Law.

So death to all governments and rulers! Long live a libertarian justice system and Protectment, guided by a libertarian champion of the people and Defender. Both new or reworked institutions will likely be massively dedicated to protecting liberty and defending individual rights -- and not at all inclined to governing or ruling us: to commanding, compelling, or dictating to us.

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