Music of the Gods: Brahms/Bernstein/Gould/Sgouros/Zimerman

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2014-07-06 08:56

The first clip here is the first movement of Brahms' rapturous Piano Concerto #1, as played by Glenn Gould and conducted by Leonard Bernstein. Bernstein disagrees with his soloist's interpretation so much that he feels constrained to say so to their audience before the performance begins. Note, however, the benevolent and witty way in which Lenny expresses his disagreement ... and wish this were the way of it, within Objectivism and the world at large:

Me, I'm with Lenny. Gould's rendering is lack-luster, unimaginative and unRomantic. I don't care how good his Bach was; this is rubbish.

This is much better—and it's the whole thing:

And here's Lenny with someone else whose interpretation is much more true to the composer (oh, and there's Brahms' second rapturous concerto thrown in for good measure):

This is better than "as good as it gets," folks—those who say we can't judge music objectively notwithstanding. They should speak for themselves.

The glory and grandeur of man, writ a trillion times larger than large. Music of the Gods!


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is just wonderful in his authenticity. What a spirit!

Personally, I can't see what all the fuss is about Gould's performance. It seems a bit languid but is still beautiful to my ears.

I love the way you put that Gregster...

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I have always avoided Brahms's piano anythings, they haven't cut the mustard with me. Then a few months ago I got to know this one. Now I will not live without it.


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I have a couple of days off to plug this through the speakers and get to know it.

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