Atlas 3 Is Semi-Out!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2014-07-12 09:14

The underwhelmingly-publicised Atlas Shrugged Part 3 has apparently been sneak-previewed in Las Vegas, and been well received.

David Kelley provided some insight into the famous John Gault speech. In Ayn Rand’s book, the speech is 33,000 words—the size of a small novel in its own right. For the movie, they boiled it down to a little over 600 words.

The audience liked the new movie and the actor who played John Galt. After the showing there was a long line to have movie posters signed. The movie is about 100 minutes long and moved very quickly.

No doubt Orthectivists and Obleftivists will, along with pomowankers and lefties generally, trash it as they did Parts 1 and 2. Me, I can't wait to see it.

What the hell?

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Looks like Ron libtard Paul is going to be in the fucking movie:

So i guess this movie is going to try to appeal to chriscons, libtards, anarcho-caps and any one of those weird assholes somewhat semi-attracted to Rand, or whatever they wish Rand would be in their head. Watered out Rand on the rocks, more like. Born to be mild.

I have seen part one and part two. Part one was just a badly executed movie, sorry, Perigo. Part two was good!

But I don't blame anyone involved. This is a hard book to make into a three-part movie. Should've been a TV series with lots of episodes!

Should add though

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That the ARGUMENTATION Peikoff presents in his book for his conclusion is very weak. Everybody knows that Pat Robertson is insane.


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The man behind "Understanding Objectivism", responsible for people treating Objectivism like a religion?

How wrong can one be?

He saved Objectivism. That lecture is mandatory!

As Perigo writes, his views on sexuality are appaling. That's just armchair-bs from him.

I don't think the conclusion in DIM is all that implausible. Airhead America is very, very... Platonic/Christian. Maybe it will happen (but not within 50 years), maybe not.


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Ominous Parallels was a work of genius, however tortuous the path to its completion. DIM likewise, however divorced from reality LP's final application of his hypothesis (vote Dem-Scum across the board)—which he has now, thankfully, abandoned.

Leonard's views on sexuality are appalling, as I've argued.

Leonard has flaws. Newsflash to Kyrel (and Leonard)—we all swim in flaws. Part of Oism's problem is that it won't allow us to acknowledge the fact. Authenticism will address this travesty!

To say Leonard is evil is in my view beyond ludicrous. The only person I can think of within OrgOism (or on the periphery thereof) whom I consider to be evil, through and through, is Kyrel's hero, Branden. Oh, and Robert Campbell, if he's to be considered part of OrgOism, which I doubt he would want to be.

Well I for one

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Well I for one rather liked "The Ominous Parallels".  Scared the crap out of me when I was 18. still scares the crap out if me even more now since back when he read it he had this sense of hope that America could turn things around.  Perhaps he should write a "Part Two...America after Obama..."


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There's a newly Kindle formatted book The Vision Of Ayn Rand from your friend Nathaniel. Published 2011, so I'll have to tread carefully. Has NBI material from the 60s though.

For some balance, or objectivity, could you list for me some good things Leonard Peikoff has written? You downplay the coat-tailers' pathologies so much.


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To all the apologists for Leonard Peikoff, I truly wonder: Just how evil is he, in your opinion? Not all that much, maybe? Shocked

Does his promotion of Objectivism as a type of religion constitute an error of knowledge or a breach of morality? Is he responsible for all those fraudulent books on Rand's Q and A, journals, letters, etc.? How big a sin is this? What about his failure to promote Objectivism via fiction, as I listed above? What about his general approach to the philosophy, with all those excommunications, acts of censorship, rewritings of history, personal maliciousness, high weirdness, thunderous silence, evasion of issue after issue, etc.?


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Leonard Peikoff is pure vermin and the utter enemy of Ayn Rand and Objectivism. He's a massive and blatant destroyer of life on this earth. No-one can deny this.

Well, I deny it. "Vermin"?! My own disagreements with him have been well enough aired here, but "vermin"?! If he's vermin, what's Obama? What was Hitler, a true "massive and blatant destroyer of life on this earth"?!

I don't get your hysteria when it comes to Peikoff. Or perhaps I do. Nathan Blumenthal.

Don't be a Brandroid, Kyrel.

Zombie Critics

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Everyone should tell the pseudo-Objectivist cultists and religiosos to go out and do it better. They won't and can't.

Peikoff evidently owned the rights to all of Rand's novels, plays, short stories, story ideas, etc. for almost 30 years, and what did he accomplish during that time? Nothing. This a crime beyond compare. No forgiveness is possible. By now, all those fictional masterpieces and semi-great works by Ayn Rand should have been made into scores of movies, t'v' shows, radio shows, internet shows, plays, comic books, action heroes, toys, games, paintings, sculptures -- and kids' versions of most of the above. Leonard Peikoff is pure vermin and the utter enemy of Ayn Rand and Objectivism. He's a massive and blatant destroyer of life on this earth. No-one can deny this.

You could add Leftitarian to

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You could add Leftitarian to the list.

Orthectivists and Obleftivists

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Some of your neologisms are truly priceless.

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