Gaza, Hamas, Israel, Corpses, and Context

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Gaza, Hamas, Israel, Corpses, and Context
By Edward Hudgins

July 23, 2014 — Television newscasts over the past week have featured videos of corpses, including the bodies of children, piled in hospitals and morgues in Gaza, surrounded by grieving family and friends. The natural and angry human reaction to such scenes is, “What monsters did this?” But the rational response should also be, “What is the full context of this suffering and death?”

There are World War II photos that show German women and children killed in Allied bombings. Taken out of all context, these gruesome pictures could elicit anger without revealing the monstrous regime that itself inflicted death on so many and made that war necessary.

While Israeli bombs and bullets were the immediate cause of the carnage in Gaza, the need to resort to war was caused by Hamas, a fact not communicated well if at all by the American media.

Gaza was occupied by Israel in the aftermath of one of the many attempts by Israel’s Arab neighbors and terrorist groups to kill the Jews or drive them into the sea. But after Israel unilaterally pulled out its military and settlements—the military had to forcibly remove many Jewish settlers who refused to leave—the people of Gaza in 2005 elected as its government Hamas, a group of thugs who made the destruction of Israel Job One.

Hamas did not build schools to train its children in the enterprises of peace. Rather, it trained military units for attacks on Israel and trained its children as suicide bombers; indeed, it celebrates and honors those who kill themselves in the process of killing Jewish children. It did not build businesses and promote prosperity. Rather, it built tunnels to infiltrate Israel, and smuggled into Gaza rockets and mortars to fire at its neighbor. It intentionally places its weapons in or near civilian housing, schools, and hospitals, using its own children as human shields, so that counterattacks that produce corpses will elicit sympathy among those in the West naïve or blind enough to ignore the full context of the conflict.

And any Palestinian who suggests making trade, not war, with Israel is killed by Hamas.

In light of the anti-Semitism that drove the original Jewish settlers from Europe to Palestine, that produced the Holocaust, and that today is seen again in the streets of Europe and cesspools of American academia and leftist circles, Israel has no choice but to fight when it is attacked. The blood in Gaza is on the hands of Hamas. And it is Hamas that has always maintained that it is at war with Israel and that it will never cease to be so. To merely utter the truism that Israel should avoid inflicting unnecessary civilian casualties ignores that fact that ridding Israel of its Jewish civilian population is the aim of Hamas.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu pinpointed the nature of the conflict: “If Israel were to put down its arms there would be no more Israel. If the Arabs were to put down their arms there would be no more war.”

Golda Meir put it well some four decades ago: “We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.”

Such forgiveness, in fact, should not be granted. But Meir was right about the warped values of the enemies of Israel and, more broadly, of the civilized world. Osama bin Laden echoed his fellow Islamists when he said, “We love death. The U.S. loves life. That is the difference between us two.” Yes, it is. And a favorite saying among Jews is “L’Chaim,” “To life!”

That is the nature of the conflict in Gaza. It is life versus death. To the extent that their hate has not extinguished their humanity, Gaza Palestinians are anguished by the carnage that is the consequence of Hamas’s goal of destroying Israel. Israelis take no joy in killing. If Palestinians take no joy in dying, they must overthrow Hamas and choose the side of life.
Hudgins is director of advocacy and a senior scholar at The Atlas Society.

For further information:

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Canada will sell them arms, our Prime Minister Stephen Harper has stated time after time Israel's right to defend itself.

For starters

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The pieces of shit running most of the world won't do much to help. Israel should take out Iran and Pakistan, and keep shredding through the maggots, but then it would be attacked for being the good. The English pollies have revealed their true shit selves by banning weapons to Israel. I don't see good times ahead.


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Smiling I think Israel should ramp it up and not stop until HAMAS is no longer ABLE to retaliate even if it wanted to.

Netanyahu is on the mark!

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Netanyahu is on the mark! I would say that the only cease fire that is moral and worthwhile is for Hamas to cease firing rockets at Israel. Otherwise Israel should not seek to negotiate a cease fire that would bring temporary relief from assault at best but, rather, to destroy Hamas.

"By supporting Israel, you're supporting yourself.."

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"Support Israel. Support yourself."

Beware of the troll with many heads

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As a reader of this page for many years, I think that the person posting as "Doug Bandler" was a troll all along. He just wrote obscene bullshit to get a reaction out of people in the end, claiming to be a nazi and fucking thousands of girls every year (Yeeeah. Riiight). I also think he was responible for the posts of RationalMan and Pepe something. Their posts were very similar in the tone and style of Doug Bandlers, they also tended to post on the same web pages. Somehow, I have the feeling that he is back, as Reason Man. Call it intuition, if you will. Beware of the troll with many heads... I think this troll will return to this site, again and again.

Doug wasn't Doug

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He's not posting here after admitting using a false name.
I like Joan Rivers now..

This is a very good piece by

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This is a very good piece by Ed -- quotes of leaders from both sides are important to show what the fight is about, purely and openly civilization versus savagery! And response should exactly be what Jules says – full annihilation till they stop the destruction they started.

But somehow I have come to the conclusion that the good has lost effectiveness and the erosion of rationality in western countries is unstoppable, the irrational is growing bigger, triumphant, self-righteous ... Something very fundamental in the fight is amiss, and for that I think Democracy should be defeated, the original Republic should be restored – not an easy task.

I am in the final stages of my new book "Racism in America: White Racism or Reverse Racism on Whites?" (it may take 1 – 1 ½ month to finish) ... the title may slightly mislead at the moment, but in reality all other so-called minorities (and majority of the outside world, UN etc) are working to destroy western civilization itself from behind the issue of race, with whites being unable to answer properly, mainly because of democracy. One salient feature is a review of the DIM-H and Dr. Peikoff's subsequent volte-face about Latino immigrants (also about voting Dems against Rep-Christianity etc), perhaps to the liking of Kyrel Z here, as an example of how everybody in the West has been beaten by democracy. Hope the reception is better than the “racist” tag to my previous attempt with “Is Democracy the Nemesis also of the Anglo Saxons?” Good response is likely because there is such unbelievable misunderstanding about the issue of race as to make a rational man dumb-struck if he were to know the reality! Its an exact inversion of the fact that the Anglo Saxons (starting with the British) were the greatest, never-before emancipators in human history – while men have always behaved as animals with others on group basis, the ASPs changed entire pattern of behavior of men with each-other, “unalienable rights of an individual” is one of the greatest achievements, the real demarcation between man and savage – they conferred those rights on undeserving people and look at what the world gives to them in return!

(PS: You may neglect the above – I liked the piece by Ed Hudgins, could not restrain myself from commenting, but also its not possible to clear deeply entrenched falsities about racism in half a page, which is why I am writing a book, so the above is just a premature outburst. We will have to wait for a few more days to see book and the response.
PPS: Does Doug Bandler still post here or is he really gone? (I just read the posts once in a while). Is he approachable? He may have people likely to resonate happily with my book. If somebody thankfully gives his contact-info, I may send a message.)

Even more sad Greg

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These same weak ass librards when the muslims rise up to take over? These libtards instead of fighting will either roll over and die or turn traitor to humanity and join in because it will be "easier" than actually standing for something.


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Barometers demonstrating how far western culture has declined in various countries are the demonstrations against Israel's defending itself against these death worshipping subhumans.


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I for one think Israel should send 2 rockets back for every one HAMAS sends.  Actually I think Israel should just bomb them until HAMAS is UNABLE to fire back even if it wanted to.  Defensive wars are never won, they only prolong the carnage.  Israel should kill to WIN once and for all.  If that takes only 2 Palestinians standing in the end so be it.  The people get the government they deserve it is time those same people are held accountable for their actions.

Hamas: “We love death more than the Jews love life.”

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Hamas has often said, “We love death more than the Jews love life.” So why are they complaining about the joys being showered upon them by Israel?

If Palestinians take no joy

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If Palestinians take no joy in dying, they must overthrow Hamas and choose the side of life.


Except Osama was not an "Islamist," he was a Muslim.

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