Reprise—The Real Dirtiness in NZ Politics

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2014-09-06 07:40

Note: October 22, 2017. Here's what I wrote just before the 2014 election. I couldn't rouse myself to write a pre-election commentary this year, so disgusting were the available options. In the event, I double-ticked the least disgusting, National, in the hopes of keeping the most disgusting out. Now, National, the largest party in Parliament, has been ousted, outnumbered by the combined Axis of Evil that is Labour, New Zealand First and the Greens. More socialism, and a fry-quacking airhead as Prime Minister. This could be an incentive and opportunity for National and ACT to acquire testicularity in the pursuit of their purported principles, but I shan't be holding my breath.

[Published in this month's Capital Magazine—believe it or not at their instigation! They have printed every word I wrote, as I wrote it, aside from their putting my "gutless in thrall to the clueless" line inside the Mike Moore quote. I am agreeably astonished. Is the blacklist finally at an end?]

The Real Dirtiness in Politics

“Every election” said H. L. Mencken, “is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods.” Elections, we may agree, are a process whereby loot is exchanged for votes, to gratify the power-lust of sub-humans who crave control over real humans.

Our 2014 election campaign kicked off with a frenzy of auctioneering that would have startled even Mencken. Tens of millions here, hundreds of millions there—in reckless indifference to where it might all come from and flagrant contempt for the Other People whose Money it is.

Reacting to Labour’s multi-trillion dollar health package, outgoing Health Minister Tony Ryall was moved to note, “The bidding war between parties on the left is now out of control.” Was it ever under control? Did National ever behave any differently? The best that might be said of National is that its bribery has been marginally less irresponsible than Labour’s.

What is especially ominous about this latest bribery epidemic is that it takes place against a backdrop of the most dumbed-down electorate ever. Our latter-day child-molesters of the mind, the education bureaucracy and the teacher unions, have seen to that—in faithful obeisance to their unacknowledged mentor, Antonio Gramsci, the Italian Marxist who enjoined communists the world over to destroy Western Civilisation not by overt revolution but by stealth, a “Long March through the Culture,” infiltrating and mortally corrupting all core institutions and organisations.

When Jamie Whyte expressed dismay at how “communistic” the views of his protagonists were in the minor parties’ debate on TV3, he was 100% correct; Gramsci is indeed coming to pass. Even more disturbing, however, is that probably a majority of voters, especially new voters, no longer know what “communistic” means … or would care if they did know. Their conceptual faculty, the capacity for abstract thought which they would ordinarily employ in discussing questions such as the role of the state and the rights of the individual, has been crippled by their Gramscian molesters so decisively that coherent conversation on such matters is now impossible. Raise subjects like this and you’ll simply draw blank stares and an outbreak of quacking (girls) and droning (boys) that the molesters have promoted in place of clear and cultured speech. Voting is purely a question of: who is offering me the biggest bribe? No politician, Jamie Whyte excepted (and bless him for providing the fresh air that he does), has the courage to take this on. Conviction politics has become extinct. “Opinion polls,” Mike Moore once admitted, “have made cowards of us all.” Politics is: the gutless in thrall to the clueless. Therein lies its real dirtiness, not in the machinations, grubby though they may be, revealed in equally grubby Nicky Hager’s latest dump of stolen e-mails.

What to do? Well, it’s possible the drooling beast will destroy itself by its own fashionable incapacity to get motivated about anything. A recent report on projected that the turn-out of under-30s at this election will be the lowest ever. “Three out of five young Kiwis didn't bother voting last election, and even fewer will bother this time.” This is most encouraging. One should do nothing to dissuade the molesters’ little monsters from just staying at home and texting “awesome” and “cool” to each other all day.

Methinks this is not enough, however; there are proactive steps we could take to ensure that the heads that are counted on Election Day have something in them.

Disenfranchising the molesters—the propagandists who masquerade as teachers, and the education bureaucrats— would seem an appropriate place to begin. This group, more than any single other—in brazen betrayal of its sacred duty—has been responsible for the destruction of literacy, conceptual, oral and written, that is now so catastrophically apparent. How else could someone whose “speech” is as mangled as any drawling teenager’s become the most popular Prime Minister in recent memory?! It seems only fitting that this group, having done so much to turn the vote into a thing of menace, should be denied access to it. Further, the indoctrination centres known as teacher training colleges should be closed down. These are nothing more than seething cauldrons of primitivism, where thought, science and learning are dismissed as “Eurocentric” and the worship of ancient, barbaric superstition is made mandatory.

Journalists, too, should be made to experience some intimation of what life is like under the totalitarian regimes so many of them so uniformly admire, where there is either no right to vote or only one party to vote for. Far from being guardians of free speech and open debate, members of the Fourth Estate have become its annihilators. For neutral reportage they have substituted their own subjective, state-worshipping ejaculations, steeped in the bromides of the above-mentioned primitivists. When Winston Peters called them “Politically Correct Nazis” he probably thought he was being semi-flippant; in fact, his description is entirely correct. Journalists have become the self-appointed Thought Police of our time, going about their inquisitions with the ferocity of a Savonarola. As champions of the Culture of Umbrage, they are continuing Adolf Hitler’s totalitarian mission by non-military means. When meaningful (or even meaningless) debate threatens, it is enough for someone to say, “I’m offended” for that debate to be shut down and the offender sent off for “sensitivity training.” Freedom of speech has given way to the soft tyranny of Political Correctness, where no one dares say anything for fear of offending someone. In fact, it’s worse than that—we’re talking hard tyranny here. It’s not widely realised that Peters could, under law on the statute books right now, go to jail for his “two wongs” quip. Journalists have done much to engineer this disgraceful state of affairs. They want dictatorship? They should be given it!

Of course, it goes without saying that politicians should be barred from voting, except for those rarities like Dr Whyte who go into politics to get the creatures out of our lives. Power-lust and control-freakery are pathologies, and it’s already recognised that the mentally incapacitated should not vote.

Aside from these specific prohibitions, it must be possible to devise a political literacy test to establish that would-be voters know for whom and for what they’re voting and to bar those who don’t. Is it too much to expect of voters that they be informed? Much as we quite rightly expect would-be motorists to acquire certified driving skills before being let loose on the roads, may we not with equal impunity demand that would-be voters demonstrate a certain level of political awareness, about New Zealand politics at least, before being let loose in the polling booth, where their actions, as on the road, could be lethal to others?

I make this proposal in the expectation that informed voters are more likely to be responsible voters, and we might thus be spared the calamitous, communistic consequences of yet more “advance auction sales of stolen goods.” Enlightened Wellington voters have little to fear from such a test. I’m confident that many capital residents—and readers of this magazine in particular—would pass it with ease. Untold Aucklanders, by contrast, would have congenital difficulty with it; it’s unlikely any hyper-caffeinated Ponsonby poseur would get to vote at all. There must be something to be said for that!

I googled

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Kyrel, the day you put the question, and found what Shane said. But don't know what he's been up to. He's most likely another idiot.

I seem to recall a

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Simon Draper that is a government employee - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
If it is him, presumably he is spending his time thanking the likes of Lindsay and myself for paying his wages.


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He may have opinions of me but I have none of him, since I've no idea who he is. Wink


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I'm disappointed no-one responded to my question above. This guy is currently staying in New York City, at the hotel where I work, and he has many opinions on Lindsay Perigo and libertarianism.

Simon Draper

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Does anyone from New Zealand have any opinions on Simon Draper, or know him personally?

Love it

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I love it when you talk dirty Linz Smiling


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Mordi superstitionists have been ousted. The phat, philthy dotcom phell over his phat pheet. Green fascist Nicky Hager's ploys rebounded in his pale vegan face. The journalists of whose totalitarian agenda I wrote in this article have been rebuffed. Tonight's result has been agreeably encouraging. Alas, it was negated by the quacking females who announced it: testament to the criminal child-abuse perpetrated by our education system. The worst was Rebecca someone on TV3, but the others, including the male Prime Minister, were similarly reprehensibly retarded-sounding. Indeed, it's depressing to realise that the Prime Minister and the All Black captain are obviously being coached by the same person in how to speak like a moron.

Since Key apparently wants to include Seymour in his coalition deal, let us see whether David indeed pushes *repeal* of the RMA. Of course he won't, since he doesn't even believe in it, but I'd settle for putting property rights in the Bill of Rights. I remain hugely sorry that Jamie won't be in Parliament. And that SOLOist Stephen Berry, ACT's #6 candidate, won't be either.

I'm pleased..

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..that ACT won in Epsom. Now I hope the party vote will assist. The lefties in New Zealand have been crushed by a Leftie-lite prime minister.

Seymour is ratting

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This is the guy who refused to back Don's marijuana speech. He's an operator. It's a shame that he and not Jamie will end up in Parliament (and that he, not Jamie, will thus end up being ACT leader).

Here was Jamie's press release on Aug 8:

Media Release ACT Party

8 August 2014

ACT Leader, Dr Jamie Whyte

Resource Management Act - It’s a failure - time to chuck it out – start again

"It is time the politicians admitted the RMA is a failure.." said ACT Leader Dr Jamie Whyte. "

National's Nick Smith has promised another series of minor amendments to the RMA saying the law is holding back the country's economy.

He is just tinkering with a wreck.

No one thinks these amendments to Marine reserves and the like will overcome the problems of cost, delay and green tape that now affects all property owners.

When National passed the Resource Management Act in the early 1990’s the country was promised faster more streamlined planning.

That promise has been forgotten by both Labour and National.

The RMA is been used by local councils to extend more and more entangling regulations giving Council’s powers that parliament never intended.

ACT believes Parliament should admit it is a 30 year experiment that has failed and we should start again using the common law as the basis for environmental protections.

Ringing in my ears

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Seymour was refreshingly direct there. He has replied in the context of MMP; "Could we negotiate that? Probably not. There would still be regulation in its place, just far narrower." Though for him to envisage regulation to allow common law resolutions doesn't sound correct. All it would take is a judgement by the specialist courts in each case. My advice Peter is to dive in and vote ACT, it's been invaded by libertarians anyhow. You may never have another chance. And unlike Scots nationalists; deluded Pom-hating freedom-fighters, you will be voting for a positive economic outcome. Then celebrate your taking the bull by the horns with perhaps a Renaissance Ale. Nirvana isn't any better.

David Seymour responded.

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David Seymour responded.

Were they going blancmange again on the RMA?, I asked. Not at all, he said.

"I think it should be repealed. Could we negotiate that? Probably not. There would still be regulation in its place, just far narrower."

Hmm, but your policy was to abolish RMA and replace it with common law.

"That's not right, Jamie's always said replace with specific laws when and only when common law is deficient."

(Well, see and

But you are still saying abolish?

"Yes. To be clear there would still be regulation, not promising common law only, just that RMA is beyond redemption, scrap and replace with much simpler law only when common law problems are clear."

Hmmm. Is that the ringing endorsement of abolition we were hoping for?

What say you?

My own bottom line

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Abolishing the RMA is my own personal bottom line if I am going to vote for New ACT. I have asked David Seymour to confirm they are not backsliding, and will let you know his response, if any.

Rescind, Repeal, Reform?

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Lindsay, it seems that ACT's use of the word "reform" in the press release from day before yesterday was a mis-wording.

From ACT's RMA policy page:

If red tape and regulation is the most urgent reform area, then the RMA is the most urgent piece of legislation to reform ... ACT will rescind the RMA. It will be replaced by the restoration of a greater role for common law actions and remedies."

And from their subsequent press release yesterday:

"ACT’s policy is to admit the RMA experiment has failed, repeal the law and start again."

Either that, or it was a Freudian slip. Or, they just don't know or care for the meaning of words.

Given Jamie Whyte's apparent pedigree, and it being a one-off, for now I'll tend towards it being a mis-wording.

Witchdoctors outnumber intellectuals by 99.97%

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The only solution would be to go to war against the neo-mystic factories, i.e. public and tertiary education. There is widespread "utilitarian" resistance to these comprachico lairs already.

Notwithstanding the fact that the surviving "unsullied" are bound to find the ideas of freedom on-line at some point, the majority still get "comprachico'd" by the progressive sausage machine.

Here in Australia we have a flicker of light in the form of Senator David Leyjonhelm, , our first "intellectual" politician, and who is obviously becoming the one and only choice for thinking voters.

However, the hordes of pomo Neo-Mystics and their unprincipled little Attillas still rule via public sector unions (such as the pondscum Rudd and Gillard that Abbott recently deposed)

"Shadowbosses" by "Mallory Factor" provides the extent to which the scum have us by the shorts and curlies due to the hordes of envy ridden witchdoctors and their brainwashed minions.

I think we need our own "Ragnar-esque" Atilla to take the bastards down so as to even the fight a smidgen.

Repeat after me : "onwards Randian soldiers, marching as to war"

It's not that funny, but we have no other option I'm afraid.

Defeat is not an option. Fuck em.

ACT ... Where It's At?

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I was in Wellington, where I'm enrolled to vote but am not usually domiciled, on Tuesday, and cast a vote in advance. It broke my heart that Libertarianz was not among the options: final testament to my oft-repeated chastisement of "useless, inert nothings." From such derelictions of the human spirit was Libertarianz' demise spawned. In their absence, and in light of Jamie Whyte's exemplary campaign, as referenced in my article, I gave ACT my party vote. Looking to do the same in the constituency vote, I couldn't find an ACT constituency candidate, and put that down to my wonky eyesight. Persistence didn't overcome my impairment, however ... and then I came to understand that ACT didn't have a constituency candidate. In Wellington Central??!! Has it really come to this??

Returning home, I read ACT's press release about their five-point economic plan, and saw that they have reverted to "reforming" the RMA, not dumping it, and wondered if they deserved my vote after all. Clearly, Richard Prebble has prevailed over Jamie Whyte.

All in all, I'd rather be in Philadelphia, especially since that's where Mario came from. NZ politics is as nauseating in its cynical unprincipledness as that of the Mafia. Even lower than the politicians have been "journalists" like Tracey Watkins, Andrea Vance and John Campbell who have waged an undisguised personal campaign to unseat the current government and replace it with even redder socialists, in flagrant violation of their professed mandate to be dispassionate and professional. As I said in my article, may these odious totalitarianism-worshippers get the dictatorship they so ardently wish for. I for one am beyond giving a shit.


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When I saw your post I thought, "My goblin, those time-travel machines are real after all!" Welcome back! Of course, I can't have any truck with anyone who's part of Faecesbook, but ...

But with the culture so steeped in preserving the status quo, and with the evil of altruism, egalitarianism, Gaya "sacrificialism" and envy/hatred/nihilism so deeply etched into the cranial mush of the electorate, do you still think it's possible to rouse enough moral crusaders to actually get the tide to change?

No. Wink

One of the features of pomo-nihilists is that they are militantly, self-righteously so. Pomo-nihilism is not an error into which they've innocently fallen and are open to being talked out of; it is an evil they resolutely embrace with no intention of resiling from. Since their supremacy is now decisive, I hold out no hope, as I've made clear over the last year or so, and fervently wish to see their death-worship consummated.

You know there's no hope when OrgOism, which should be a haven of "moral crusaders," abandons the cultural battle and just bangs out the same-old same-old about the free market. Not much point when the pomo-nihilists are opposed in principle to unfettered commerce and prosperous outcomes.

Thanks Greg

HWH's picture

Glad you've also come around to the validity of Linz's "shit-sandwich" analogy of music, and that you too are now a choir boy for Mario. As for me, I'm lying in hospital after a double hernia op, and after 3 days of suffering a "clear fluid" diet I am salivating at the thought of your famous "roasted spuds" recipe. Of late I've also become a radical for Rach. Let no one ever say I got nothing out of Solo!

Hello Hilton

gregster's picture

I remember your post of driving while listening to Mario, etc, and your enjoyment. I understand now, since my being shown the 'high spots.' Good to hear from you.

You shine the light on it so eloquently Linz

HWH's picture

But with the culture so steeped in preserving the status quo, and with the evil of altruism, egalitarianism, Gaya "sacrificialism" and envy/hatred/nihilism so deeply etched into the cranial mush of the electorate, do you still think it's possible to rouse enough moral crusaders to actually get the tide to change?

Obviously you and most others here do or they would not be posting. Is this a sign of cautious optimism?

I personally have been banging on regardless (on some of the more populated faeces book groups). I'd be damned if it wasn't my doing that I'm noticing some of Ayns' ideas being recycled on some of these.

Very happy to see solo hasn't completely flatlined, and that the old stalwarts are still pumping.

I heard today..

gregster's picture

.. the promotion of the vote for citizens suffering from dementia, as if their inability to choose was a denial of their rights.

Keep these coming Linz. Smiling


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Glad to see the Auckland contingent still posting. Smiling Thanks for the comment. Yours was a great read too. I especially liked the line that we are seeing not a battle of ideas but for scalps. The eternal disgrace of entities like Hager, Odgers and Slater is that they get out of bed each day for no other reason than to slither down as far as they can into the subterranean depths and undulate in search of prey. They certainly deserve each other. What a preposterous charade of a sham of a sideshow this "Dirty Politics" has been. But then, "clean" politics isn't much better currently, for reasons we both pointed out. Now I see the child-molesters of the mind are pushing the panic button because kids can't speak in sentences. I don't know why they're so shocked—adults can't speak in sentences either, and it's down to them at the Ministry. The truly scary thing is that they all have the vote!

Bravo! No surprise your #1

Peter Cresswell's picture


No surprise your #1 reason for the the real dirtiness is the same as mine.

But in the time it takes for me to point out the problem, you're already galloping off into solutions.

A great read.

You've answered your own question Linz

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"Raise subjects like this and you’ll simply draw blank stares and an outbreak of quacking (girls) and droning (boys) that the molesters have promoted in place of clear and cultured speech."

they are just testing the waters how far the boyz upstairz can go with their political mumbo-jumbo - if your article passes with only a few articulations of 'no wonder he can't get a girl' (the squealers) and 'cool it or we'll cool you' (the 'hood) but no understandable or even logical counter-argument they can raise the bar for Cuffy Meigs to step in without even the pretense of pandering to the masses

still gave me pleasure though to read your article - one more smile in the world today - Thanx : )

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