Objectivists and non-objectivists

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Submitted by Piksmeat on Wed, 2006-11-22 14:40

Should Objectivists marry or date non-Objectivists?

Say you become an Objectivist after getting married. If your partner refuses to follow you should you seperate and/or get a divorce from your partner.

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— by Duncan Bayne on Wed, 2006-11-22 21:26
Proposed pictures — by wngreen on Wed, 2006-11-22 16:59
You are right I had — by wngreen on Wed, 2006-11-22 16:56

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Human Flourishing and Natural Rights

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Submitted by younkins on Wed, 2006-11-22 01:39

Natural law is an older concept than the idea of natural rights. John Locke and his predecessor, Hugo Grotius, are frequently credited with ushering in the modern concept of natural rights. Historically, the doctrine of natural rights appears to have developed either within, or at least consonant with, the framework of the natural law tradition.

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I do not know... — by Marcus on Wed, 2006-11-22 20:59
Darn — by Chris Cathcart on Wed, 2006-11-22 16:04

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A lesson in capitalism from Iran?

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Submitted by Greg Mullen on Tue, 2006-11-21 19:59

Iran has done what ARI has been advocating for years, allowing the market to solve the organ transplant problem at least for kidneys. According to

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The Economist — by Jason Quintana on Wed, 2006-11-22 00:54
Good article... — by Marcus on Tue, 2006-11-21 22:05

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The Question of American Will in the Fight Against Global Jihad

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Submitted by jtgagnon on Tue, 2006-11-21 19:15

Jeff Jacoby, of the Boston Globe, provides a few snapshots from the global jihad.  The following is from his November 1 commentary

"Australia's foremost Muslim cleric triggers an uproar when he likens women who don't wear an Islamic headscarf to "uncovered meat" and blames them for attracting sexual predators. "If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or the park . . . and the cats come and eat it," says Sheik Taj al-Din Hilali, "whose fault is it, the cats' or the uncovered meat? If [the woman] was in her room, in her home, in her headscarf, no problem would have occurred."

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Very Interesting Question... — by atlascott on Sun, 2007-01-14 17:13
Linz — by Fred Weiss on Thu, 2006-11-30 15:00

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Scientific American on socialist economies

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Submitted by Mario on Tue, 2006-11-21 17:09

An article running on the Scientific American Web site entitled, "The Social Welfare State, beyond Ideology," claims that the evidence is now in: socialism isn't the bogeyman Hayek, Mises, et al. have made it out to be.

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Interventionism leads to socialism — by Mario on Thu, 2006-11-23 15:35
Piksmeat, Well, perhaps — by 0 on Wed, 2006-11-22 14:52
The welfare state is socialism? — by Piksmeat on Wed, 2006-11-22 14:46

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Radical Universities

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Submitted by Jeff Perren on Tue, 2006-11-21 16:18

David Horowitz is a staunch conservative. As such, his views are to be taken with a very critical eye. But, he (and his colleagues) often write on the state of the universities in a way that matches my own experience.

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I was lucky — by 0 on Wed, 2006-11-22 19:11
Correction — by Mario on Wed, 2006-11-22 03:48
Helpful — by Jeff Perren on Wed, 2006-11-22 00:59

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More Infidel Gear

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Submitted by Duncan Bayne on Tue, 2006-11-21 09:18

Today, I received my first cheque from CafePress - of which US$9.20 will shortly be deposited in SOLO's PayPal account. To celebrate, I've added two more products:

Infidel Dog Shirt Infidel Button

Visit the InfidelGear Store to buy, & remember, 25% of the profit from each item goes to SOLO.

Recent Comments:
If my own experience with — by Duncan Bayne on Wed, 2006-11-22 09:04
Wonderful! — by Ted Keer on Wed, 2006-11-22 02:03
Thanks - I'm quite proud of — by Duncan Bayne on Tue, 2006-11-21 22:50

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Life is your Mission, Kori: Search and Enjoy

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Submitted by Ted Keer on Tue, 2006-11-21 03:35


God, I do detest KoRn. But does, or even should that, make you like them any less?

Life is your mission, Kori, search and enjoy.

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How could I have forgotten Camille Paglia? — by Ted Keer on Wed, 2006-11-29 04:19
Commager & the movies — by 0 on Thu, 2006-11-23 06:20

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The Age of Rand – Imagining an Objectivist Future World.

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Submitted by Marcus on Mon, 2006-11-20 21:49

By accident I stumbled upon these two items at once.

The first is a video clip from March this year of an interview on a Manhattan Libertarian TV programme called “Hardfire” with the author Frederick Cookinham about his book “The Age of Rand – Imagining an Objectivist Future World.” The author claims that there will be an “Age of Rand” 50-100 years from now.

Recent Comments:
No, I don't think so... — by Marcus on Tue, 2006-11-21 21:03
Is Cookinham a Brandenite? — by Kenny on Tue, 2006-11-21 17:37
Act I, Sc 2 — by Jeff Perren on Tue, 2006-11-21 02:21

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Military draft

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Submitted by Chris Cathcart on Mon, 2006-11-20 20:12

Democrat Congressman Charles Rangel of NY is proposing reinstating the draft, on the grounds that it would discourage U.S. involvement in wars. Curious-looking rationale for conscription. Why not propose all kinds of egregious government controls on the grounds that they'd lead to unpopular results?

Recent Comments:
See, I partially don't think — by KingRandor82 on Tue, 2006-12-05 06:54
In what capacity... — by Robert on Wed, 2006-11-22 03:03
Downsizing — by wngreen on Tue, 2006-11-21 23:10

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Organ donation in the news

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Submitted by Mario on Mon, 2006-11-20 18:49

I have a new post on my blog discussing organ donation and the altruistic motivations against free-market solutions. It contains a good link to a podcast from the Cato Institute.

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Measurement Ommission — by Ted Keer on Tue, 2006-11-21 01:48
Thanks for the offer. — by Mario on Mon, 2006-11-20 21:44
Feel free... — by wngreen on Mon, 2006-11-20 19:15

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The Truth & Lies of 9/11

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Submitted by Fifth of November on Mon, 2006-11-20 08:29

One of the members of the facebook group: "Abolish the PATRIOT Act Now!" just happened to send a link which directs to a lecture by Mike Ruppert about...well, it's in the title. Before I link the video, I must admit that some of the information he brings up was simply lost on me, simply because the previous positions and actions of some of the people now more or less in power were orchestrated while I was still a child, but of course this won't be the case after I do some more research.

Recent Comments:
I've spent several hours on — by Orson on Tue, 2006-11-28 10:47
I'll give you a rundown — by John Armaos on Tue, 2006-11-28 08:10
More 9/11 conspiracy theory fantasies? — by Ross Elliot on Tue, 2006-11-21 01:47

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Home Truths from Russell Crowe :-)

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2006-11-20 07:35

Russell Crowe, Kiwi actor (not Australian as Australians & ignorant Americans keep reporting) has just appeared in a 60 Minutes interview in the wake of some new film he's done with Ridley Scott.

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How about — by Sandi on Fri, 2006-11-24 19:36
No, I see Taggart as... — by Ross Elliot on Fri, 2006-11-24 05:50
Kevin Spacey... eeew — by Olivia on Fri, 2006-11-24 00:18

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Positives about Diana

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Submitted by PhilipC on Mon, 2006-11-20 04:48

Despite my many strong disagreements with Diana Hsieh, there is one area where her intellectual method is one that Objectivists should emulate far more often.

It has to do with diligence, thoroughness, and seriousness about Objectivism and about ideas.

Recent Comments:
I cast no aspersions... — by Orson on Wed, 2006-11-29 01:22
A fundamental difference in "psycho-epistemology" — by 0 on Tue, 2006-11-28 19:39
How, Fred? — by Bill Tingley on Sun, 2006-11-26 21:04

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For Sargent Lovers

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Submitted by Jeff Perren on Sat, 2006-11-18 23:18

For those who love the paintings of John Singer Sargent, you will want to investigate a painter you may not know: Joseph Sorolla

The Spanish artist knew and admired Sargent and his work often bears a strong similarity to that great American painter.

Recent Comments:
Absolutely gorgeous, Jeff ... — by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2006-11-20 03:19
Sorolla Museum — by Jeff Perren on Sun, 2006-11-19 19:22
Yes — by Jeff Perren on Sun, 2006-11-19 05:17

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More Stupidity from NZ's Left Wing Labour Government...

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Submitted by Robert on Sat, 2006-11-18 18:27

Intensive care to save to save families

Some choice quotes from this report:

"Intensive family therapy - which can include removing members from their home - is one option the Social Development Ministry is examining as it works to deal with dysfunctional homes in which drug and welfare dependency is rife.

Recent Comments:
"Those who grant sympathy to — by Sandi on Mon, 2006-11-20 08:44
Just as much bullshit from the UK — by Sandi on Mon, 2006-11-20 08:40

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Philosophy and History

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Submitted by Jeff Perren on Sat, 2006-11-18 17:06

What is the Objectivist view of the role of philosophy in history? Does it need modification? Robert Tracinski asserts his views in a recent series of TIA articles.

Recent Comments:
On Cause and Effect — by Jeff Perren on Fri, 2006-12-29 21:59
George Baker on Tracinski — by Jeff Perren on Wed, 2006-12-27 20:09
Tracinski's triad — by 0 on Wed, 2006-12-27 19:47

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My blog

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Submitted by Mario on Sat, 2006-11-18 01:38

I have an existing blog covering politics, education, and other cultural topics from an Objectivist viewpoint to which I would like to extend an invitation: Coarsely ground at http://blog.mariodiana.com.

Recent Comments:
Great to be on board! — by Mario on Mon, 2006-11-20 18:46
Mario — by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2006-11-19 01:09

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Submitted by TRowland on Fri, 2006-11-17 20:09

When I was a kid my relatives on my Mother's side would -- on occassion (don't ask on which)-- sing the following bit of dogeral:

Get outta the way, old Dan Tucker;
You're too late to get some supper.

Recent Comments:
Thanks, Jeff — by TRowland on Mon, 2006-11-20 13:35
Tom, — by Jeff Perren on Fri, 2006-11-17 21:30
Thanks — by TRowland on Fri, 2006-11-17 20:46

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Another Bone-headed Suggestion For How To Cut CO2 Emissions

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Submitted by Jeff Perren on Fri, 2006-11-17 20:08

This blog post from an allegedly serious source makes a ridiculous suggestion about how to cut CO2 emissions - by changing code in Microsoft's operating system. These yahoos never give up.

Recent Comments:
Convince all of the folks — by Summer Serravillo on Mon, 2006-11-27 11:09
Right you are — by Laure Chipman on Mon, 2006-11-20 17:45
Not to worry — by Jeff Perren on Sat, 2006-11-18 17:27

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The wrong thing people have been saying about the War on Terrorism, and what SHOULD be said instead

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Submitted by KingRandor82 on Fri, 2006-11-17 04:53

Left and right I hear "...is the reason we're not gonna win this war". First of all, I hate to tell you all, but part of me doesn't even believe most OBJECTIVISTS know what's truly at stake here- they're not simply gonna nuke some major cities, and that's it, along with putting us under Islamic Law- no siree...they're likely to knock out our POWER PLANTS, and render us completely helpless, as we rely on such power so heavily. I believe, THAT, they know is the golden ticket. I hate to say it, but I don't think we've "seen anything yet", when it really comes to what they WANT to do( though something tells me I don't think it's gonna get to that, regardless...).

Recent Comments:
Yes, but not proven... — by Orson on Mon, 2006-11-20 09:55
Power plants and water reservoirs — by Sandi on Fri, 2006-11-17 22:45

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Standards of Environmental Good and Evil: Why Environmentalism Is Misanthropic

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Submitted by George Reisman on Fri, 2006-11-17 00:25

It is very common for people to talk nowadays about environmental good and evil, but with virtually no explicit statement of the standards by which something is to be judged environmentally good or evil. People are unaware that a standard is always present and that there is more than one such standard. There are in fact two diametrically opposed and mutually exclusive standards of environmental good and evil. The following example will bring them out.

Recent Comments:
Misgrounded — by F L Light on Fri, 2006-11-17 04:54

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Hudgins on Friedman

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Submitted by Ed Hudgins on Fri, 2006-11-17 00:17

Milton Friedman: 1912-2006

by Edward Hudgins

Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman passed away on November 16, 2006 at the age of 94. Friedman was one of the most influential economists in the twentieth century and probably the most famous one advocating free markets, thanks in large part to his TV series and accompanying book "Free to Choose."

Recent Comments:
Swill? Um okay. — by Marnee on Tue, 2006-12-05 20:15
How to label a radical for capitalism? — by Orson on Sun, 2006-12-03 10:44
Sullum on Friedman — by Jeff Perren on Thu, 2006-11-23 03:50

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Barzun made me laugh

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Submitted by seddon on Thu, 2006-11-16 16:37

So I get an email from Michelle Kamii telling me about this essay that Jacques Barzun wrote defending the proposition that music tells a story; that it is representational.

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Suspended animation

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Submitted by TRowland on Thu, 2006-11-16 11:49

Just thought the readers here might like to know that I've been suspended from the Speicher's Forum site until -- now get this -- April 15th, 2023. If I'm still alive, I'll have recently celebrated my 80th. What a glorious birthday present that will be. I can hardly wait.

Recent Comments:
I agree — by Bill Visconti on Thu, 2006-11-16 22:13
Never mind, Tom ... — by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2006-11-16 20:38

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Does anyone consider maybe Bush is conflicted on the war because he partly DOESN'T want to win it?

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Submitted by KingRandor82 on Thu, 2006-11-16 09:11

Here me out on this- as we all know, he's a religious nutcase, yet at the same time also falls on his knees to post-modernist philosophy( need proof? check out how he's fighting the war, as well as how he initially pushed for the social security plan). Do I believe he wants to protect America? Partly, yes- but remember: when two philosophies, based on Altruism, are mentally conflicting someone, the one common link they have becomes much stronger. His pre-modernist philosophies get in the way when it comes to fighting the war for two reasons:

Recent Comments:
My God! — by Ted Keer on Thu, 2006-11-16 18:32
No. He is not a religious — by Marnee on Thu, 2006-11-16 18:22
I raised the same issue on my blog, — by Ted Keer on Thu, 2006-11-16 09:31

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Science v religion - Dawkins v Haggard

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Submitted by Peter Cresswell on Thu, 2006-11-16 00:23

What happens when an atheist with a rather 'disintegrated' philosophical world view debates a religionist with an integrated but factually incorrect worldview about the foundations of science and the scientific method?

Recent Comments:
Robert... — by Marcus on Sat, 2006-11-18 18:52
Only... — by Robert on Sat, 2006-11-18 06:43
Scientists and empiricism... — by Robert on Sat, 2006-11-18 01:10

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What 'everybody knows' about Tuvalu

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Submitted by Peter Cresswell on Thu, 2006-11-16 00:22
Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
Everybody knows that the captain lied
Everybody got this broken feeling
Like their father or their dog just died... - Leonard Cohen
Recent Comments:
That's How It Goes — by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Fri, 2007-10-19 15:48

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Delusions, and the people who have them

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Submitted by Peter Cresswell on Thu, 2006-11-16 00:20

Senior Skeptic Michael Shermer has a look at the many delusions afflicting too many people, "from alien encounters to Virgin Mary sightings on pizza pies, to hidden messages revealed while playing "Stairway to Heaven" backwards - and explains the evolutionary and cognitive basis for these lapses in reason."

Recent Comments:
Ok I admit it — by Sandi on Sat, 2006-11-18 00:10

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A new 'Frank Lloyd Wright house' nears completion

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Submitted by Peter Cresswell on Thu, 2006-11-16 00:19

A new Frank Lloyd Wright building has almost been completed -- at least, there is controversy as to what extent it is still a Frank Lloyd Wright design.

Recent Comments:
not — by Brant Gaede on Tue, 2008-07-29 22:41
Nihilism! — by Ptgymatic on Fri, 2008-07-18 15:27
Right Wright — by Brant Gaede on Fri, 2008-07-18 05:49

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