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Casino Royale - Ian Fleming

"Bond is what every man would like to be and what every woman would like to have between her sheets. (Raymond Chandler, The Sunday Times, London)"

Fleming's first Bond novel. Read the book, see the movie. Compare.

Thunder Point - Jack Higgins

Higgins' tale imagines that Nazi lieutenant Martin Bormann escaped Allied forces in 1945 and made his way in a U-boat to South America, along with a notebook listing U.S. and British Nazi sympathizers. One of the names in the notebook happens to be the Duke of Windsor.

In 1992, a diver in the Caribbean finds the wreck of the vessel, and word gets back to the British authorities that the notebook is still onboard. Irish terrorist Sean Dillon is recruited to retrieve the item, but he's not the only one interested: a notorious drug dealer with Parliamentary connections is also in on the hunt.

The Dillon character is reminiscent of Francisco D'Anconia in some ways. The story is plausible, action-oriented, and contains several interesting moral dilemmas.

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