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The Whole Sordid Affair

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Submitted by User hidden on Sun, 2006-05-28 18:54

I wish I was writing about a sordid affair I was having here in Atlanta. But instead, I am going to say my piece about the Brandens, PARC, Linz, ARI, and all that jazz. Linz asked me to post something, and I will, mostly because I want to praise him a lot. He deserves it.

First, let me say, I was never taken in by Nathaniel Branden. His website and the hatefulness of his "memoirs" (Can they be called that when you make them up?) were enough to show me what an ungrateful distorter of a philosophy he must have understood at one time he is. Barbara on the other hand had me fooled. I saw from her posts on the old SOLO that she wasn't really an Objectivist. (I am one of those who thinks that that word has real referents in reality.) But aside from that, she seemed a nice old lady to me. I admired her book, and I enjoyed her comments by and large.

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Coincidence? think not. — by Brendan Hutching on Thu, 2006-06-01 08:50

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Submitted by eg on Sun, 2006-05-28 18:28

Barbara Branden in Objectivist Living reaffirms her oft stated conviction that it was legitimate to speculate on Ayn Rand's psychology in her biography.

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Brant ... — by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2006-05-29 10:29
"I know on the basis of — by jriggenbach on Sun, 2006-05-28 19:06

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Hey all! I'm back!

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Submitted by User hidden on Sun, 2006-05-28 04:50

Hello all you KASS Soloites. For those of you who remember me (you all better), I'm Kelly and I'm back! A few things have happened lately - David and I separated (but are still good friends), I have a new job as a preschool gymnastics coach and as a server at a sports bar, and I have a new apartment in Atlanta. I can't wait to see what all is going on here at SOLO now.


P.S. Jennifer, after we talked on the phone, I just couldn't stay away!

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Greetings — by Aaron on Wed, 2006-05-31 02:48
! — by Peter Cresswell on Tue, 2006-05-30 21:23

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Life Imitates Art?

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Submitted by JoeM on Sun, 2006-05-28 00:59

I don't know if this was common in journalism throughout the last dozen years, but I had to chuckle a little in rereading this seen from the FOUNTAINHEAD in light of Geraldo Rivera and Anderson Cooper's actions during the Katrina debacle:

"The Banner was alwasy first with the news. When an earthquake occurred in South America and no communications came from the stricken area, Wynand chartered a liner, sent a crew down to the scene and had extras on the streets of New York days ahead of his competitors...When an S.O.S.

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Thanks Malcom, I thought — by Landon Erp on Mon, 2006-05-29 01:26
Hearst — by Robert Malcom on Mon, 2006-05-29 01:23
From what I heard. — by Landon Erp on Sun, 2006-05-28 04:09

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Gay Rally in Moscow

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Submitted by Sandi on Sat, 2006-05-27 23:46

Two completely different news reports.

My initial thoughts were of frustration for the Russian gay community and their on going struggle with acceptance in society and a Putin/Stalin government. (Having visited Russia twice, I see nothing healthy about the place - period)

After reading the BBC's report, my frustration turned around and slapped me in the face, with a highly selective, politically correct, totally gutless piece of reporting.

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Music: Favorites and General Observations

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Submitted by crmckenzie on Sat, 2006-05-27 15:30

Duncan's post on music, and the ensuing conversation with Joe, have inspired me to exit my lurker status. Music is probably the most important hobby interest I have in my life. I work as a software developer, and I listen to music constantly while I'm working and while I'm driving. One of my friends is a professor of music at a local college, and we spend a lot of time discussing music.

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I apologize if I — by JoeM on Thu, 2006-06-08 01:34
JOE — by Victor Pross on Thu, 2006-06-08 01:27

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Submitted by Penelope on Sat, 2006-05-27 13:24


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Beautiful and an — by Victor Pross on Wed, 2006-06-07 05:22
Beautiful and an — by Victor Pross on Wed, 2006-06-07 05:18
Hubba Huh? — by Dan Edge on Tue, 2006-05-30 18:03

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Judgment at a Distance

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Submitted by PhilipC on Fri, 2006-05-26 18:58

I think this came up on several threads as a tangent so it doesn't fit neatly in any one thread. Plus there is the wider issue of broadly judging situations with only very indirect or partial access to facts or context that is relevant. And the issue of exactly -when- this is appropriate. And when you should reserve judgment. So I'll call this "judgment at a distance". (Feel free to branch out into other examples of JAD besides this one, as would fit under the thread title.)

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"Reliable sources of — by Fred Weiss on Fri, 2006-06-16 18:48
Laure — by Penelope on Fri, 2006-06-16 18:35
Distance — by Laure Chipman on Fri, 2006-06-16 18:24

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The Known Universe

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Submitted by Rex Wilkinson on Fri, 2006-05-26 16:33

To save endless hours of debate that goes nowhere science seperates the issues into the known universe and the unknown universe.In the known universe there is no god,no big foot,lochness monster,alien obduction,magic,whitch craft,allah,no ghosts,spirits or life after death.These only exist in the unknown unuverse,peoples imagination.It seems that what we call the main stream is a bit extreme in th

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Government control? — by Rex Wilkinson on Sun, 2006-06-18 17:46
REX — by Victor Pross on Thu, 2006-06-15 22:49
That I can agree with — by Landon Erp on Thu, 2006-06-15 22:13

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Herbert Spencer on Liberty and Human Progress

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Submitted by younkins on Fri, 2006-05-26 15:05

Herbert Spencer (1820-1903), British philosopher and sociologist, was a prominent, late 19th century defender of individual freedom and critic of state violence and coercion. A Lamarckian, rather than a Darwinian, pioneer in evolutionary theory, Spencer believed in inevitable human progress that develops naturally when people are free. He contended that well-being flourishes in moral societies where equal freedom is the ultimate principle of justice. According to Spencer, moral rights to life and liberty are requirements to happiness. It follows that people in societies in which moral rights are protected are happier and more successful. He held that to flourish there must be as few unnatural restrictions on individuals as possible. Progress is attained only through the free use of human faculties. This implies that the only legitimate function of government is the policing and protection of individual rights. The sole purpose of the state is to protect its citizens against external and internal aggression. Spencer’s ideas are developed in a number of works including Social Statics (1851), Principles of Psychology (1855), Principles of Biology (1864), The Study of Sociology (1873), The Man Versus the State (1884), and The Principles of Ethics (1892).

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Spencer — by Rex Wilkinson on Tue, 2006-06-06 18:56

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Neo-Nazi teenage pop music California girls

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Submitted by Rick Giles on Fri, 2006-05-26 03:35
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If you are going to be a — by User hidden on Sun, 2007-04-08 22:12
This California Girl — by thewingmaker on Sun, 2007-04-08 19:59

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Phil's Plan for World Conquest

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Submitted by PhilipC on Fri, 2006-05-26 03:14

Fred Weiss asked on the "interesting" thread: If I'm dissatisfied with the spread of Ob jectivism, "what do you suggest, what would you have done differently, and what would you do differently now?" I have a great number of ideas on this subject, but will hold off on giving them in enormous detail until I've finished my defending Chris/bashing Diana thread & also I will be doing a lot of finishing up lecture prep for the next month or so.

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Michael — by Penelope on Tue, 2006-06-13 05:35
Oh Phil!! — by Michael Moeller on Tue, 2006-06-13 05:24
Now you're gonna pout? — by Fred Weiss on Mon, 2006-06-12 14:09

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Thoughts on Suicide

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Submitted by Sandi on Fri, 2006-05-26 00:13

I have been asked by a few members how I came about finding Solo Passion. Its a good question, because before finding Solo, I had no idea who Ayn Rand was and more importantly, her philosophy. Having found no particular philosophy which I could truly identify with, I have always been a dissident towards religion, spirituality and the majority of my opinions seem to always put me in a minority. My only true passion above and beyond all, is "freedom".

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Suicide — by eg on Thu, 2006-06-08 01:32
Unacceptable — by Jason Quintana on Thu, 2006-06-08 00:04
Pete — by Penelope on Tue, 2006-06-06 20:07

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Musical Quotations

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Submitted by JoeM on Thu, 2006-05-25 17:03

Image Hosted by

"Writing about music is like dancing about architecture - it's a really stupid thing to want to do."
--Elvis Costello

" Without music, life would be a mistake."
--Friedrich Nietzsche

"MUSIC is the shorthand of emotion."
--Leo Tolstoy

"A composer is a guy who goes around forcing his will on unsuspecting air molecules, often with the assistance of unsuspecting musicians."
--Frank Zappa

"Music that does not SURGE is not great music."
--Carl Ruggles

"Music is the silence between the notes."
--Claude Debussy

"When the music of a state changes, the constitution will change too."

"It is the stretched soul that makes music, and souls are stretched by the pull of opposites-opposite bents, tastes, yearnings, loyalties.

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Musical Etymology

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Submitted by JoeM on Thu, 2006-05-25 17:02

Image Hosted by

Musical Etymology                                                 

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Glossary of Musical Terms

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Submitted by JoeM on Thu, 2006-05-25 17:00

Key terms to know for discussion on SOLO music. A complete list can be found here. 

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Newberry actually explained this to me — by Landon Erp on Fri, 2006-05-26 00:49
Surely, he's jesting? I've — by Duncan Bayne on Fri, 2006-05-26 00:42
Nope, of course not, just — by JoeM on Fri, 2006-05-26 00:02

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Mark Inglis

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Submitted by Rick Giles on Thu, 2006-05-25 09:42

The story broke this week that Kiwi adventurer Mark Inglis passed by a dying man during his Mt Everest assent. The domestic debate must have been delt with soundly because the Kiwi blogosphere has been really quiet about the whole thing.

Here in Australia the TV and radio media are mispronouncing Inglis' [sounds like 'tingles'] name as if it were 'English' without the 'h.' This is annoying. It's also annoying that all the DJs are making fun of Inglis as a lowlife who refused to do for this man what was done for him when Inglis was rescued from a similer situation 25yrs ago. Grossly unfair to Mark Inglis!

Recent Comments:
Sorry ... — by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2006-05-27 06:17
Hero — by Rick Giles on Fri, 2006-05-26 04:06
Only in NZ, Land of The Long — by Ross Elliot on Fri, 2006-05-26 02:57

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Platonic Competition, Pt 2

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Submitted by George Reisman on Thu, 2006-05-25 00:15

(This essay originally appeared in Ayn Rand’s The Objectivist, vol. 7, nos. 8 and 9, August and September, 1968.)

The doctrine of “pure and perfect competition” marks the almost total severance of economic thought from reality. It is the dead end of the attempt to defend capitalism on a collectivist base.

Ironically, that attempt took hold in economics in the late nineteenth century (and has been gaining influence ever since) through the efforts of Victorian economists to refute the theories of Karl Marx on the subject of value and price. The rationing theory of prices was advanced as the alternative to the Marxian labor theory of value. The irony is that the “pure and perfect competition” doctrine is to the left of Marxism.

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Invitation to Dinner with Linz in California, July 6th!

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Submitted by Casey on Wed, 2006-05-24 23:15

Hey all, After the booksigning and Linz's speech at Borders in Orange, California, ends at 8:00 p.m. there will be a gang of us heading out to dinner to celebrate. Anyone in the area who wants to come along, please email me through my SOLO email and I will add another head to the count for reservations.

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Next-to-last call for reservations! — by Casey on Fri, 2006-06-16 06:17
This thread — by eg on Sat, 2006-06-03 18:05
Is that a sword fish I smell — by Adam Buker on Sat, 2006-06-03 16:51

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Submitted by Adam Buker on Wed, 2006-05-24 19:26

I put up a poll on RoR asking how many people had read Valliant's Passion of Ayn Rand's Critics. The choices available for response were as follows:
1) Yes
2) No
3) I refuse to.
4) I haven't yet, but I plan on it.
5) I simply don't care.

At the time of this posting, roughly 65% have not read the book, 27% presumably will not read it. 21% haven't gotten around to reading it. Only 29 people have voted at this time.

Recent Comments:
"Ze Weiss Squad". Is this — by Fred Weiss on Sat, 2006-05-27 23:59
Also, I don't know what — by Fred Weiss on Sat, 2006-05-27 22:30
> Will Wilkinson and Bryan — by PhilipC on Sat, 2006-05-27 16:39

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Theory of Concepts

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Submitted by atlascott on Tue, 2006-05-23 21:53

Does Objectivism hold that concepts exist separate and apart from the conceptualizer?  I am having some pretty interesting discussions with an advanced degreed former Philosophy professor and we are talking about the nature of concepts.  There is some bait and switch and package dealing--academic philosophers love this and I cant figure out if its because they like to show off, or because they do not want to be pinned down to a particular topic to make an honest attempt at clarity, but I try as I can to hold us to the point.  I have represented O'ism as comporting with my conclusion that while facts are metaphysically independant of a perceiver, concepts are merely fruits of a conciousness "conscious'ing"--being a conciousness--thinking, identifying. 

Recent Comments:
Scott, ask the good Prof. if — by Ross Elliot on Wed, 2006-05-24 05:33
Of course! — by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2006-05-24 01:20
I believe you are corrrect — by Greg Mullen on Tue, 2006-05-23 23:19

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Submitted by seddon on Tue, 2006-05-23 17:42

Ayn Rand Contra Human Nature
Greg S. Nyquist
New York, Writers Club Press
xi + 374 pp., bibliography, no index

Let me begin by announcing what a treat it was to read this work. The author, who is described on the back cover as a free lance writer, has a clear and engaging style that made this book a page turner for me. If fact, it has a narcotic quality about it. I keep turning the pages instead of thinking critically. It required a real effort to slow down and assess Nyquist’s logic and argumentation, especially in the face of his dripping sarcasm and repetitive name-calling. One must ignore those factors in order to assess this book on its merits, because he has enough arguments that prevent this book from degenerating into a mere screed.

Recent Comments:
Scherk — by James S. Valliant on Mon, 2008-01-07 01:47
Identify the problem[s], devise solution[s] . . . — by William Scott Scherk on Mon, 2008-01-07 01:30
Scherk — by James S. Valliant on Sun, 2008-01-06 22:26

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Personal Liberty & National Well-being

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Submitted by Ross Elliot on Tue, 2006-05-23 04:48

Gareth Morgan is a NZ investment advisor, world traveller and father to NZ's richest internet entrepreneur, 29 year-old Sam Morgan, who just sold his online auction company, TradeMe, for $700 million. Although Sam took the lion's share of $220 million, his father as a minor investor reaped a cool $47 million.

Gareth has undertaken a motorcycle trip through the back-blocks of America. Typical of many New Zealanders, he is taken with many aspects of US society but doesn't quite get the whole picture. This leads to some quite superficial and cliched commentary as part of a diary he's publishing during his journey.

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Small characters.

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Submitted by Landon Erp on Mon, 2006-05-22 23:02

It's been a while since this forum saw any traffic so I thought I'd shake it out and dust it off and see if I could draw any traffic with a question.

I'm working on a story with several characters who don't have very long within the story to make an impression (it is a murder mystery after all).

As I've spent time trying to wrack my brain trying to figure out scenes that get across exactly the character points I've wanted them to have developed and become known for I'm having a difficult time. But it is reminding me of a few characters and scenes from Atlas Shrugged.

Recent Comments:
Lots of good points — by Landon Erp on Thu, 2006-05-25 21:50
Somerset Maugham — by Phil Howison on Thu, 2006-05-25 12:33
The other reason that we — by Andrew Couper on Thu, 2006-05-25 07:21

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Individualism as Racism

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Submitted by JoeM on Mon, 2006-05-22 01:21

I saw this on a Yahoo forum. Seattle Public Schools are including individualism as
a form of racism.

"Cultural Racism:
Those aspects of society that overtly and covertly attribute value and normality to white people and Whiteness, and devalue, stereotype, and label people of color as “other”, different, less than, or render them invisible.

Recent Comments:
Old Hat — by AdamReed on Mon, 2006-05-22 01:33

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Andy Garcia _The Lost City_

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Submitted by algernonsidney on Sun, 2006-05-21 13:40

This film is a labor of love for the Cuban-born Garcia.

"In a movie about the Cuban revolution, we almost never see any of
the working poor for whom the revolution was supposedly fought,"
sniffs Peter Reiner in The Christian Science Monitor. "'The Lost
City' misses historical complexity."

Actually, what's missing is Mr. Reiner's historical knowledge. Andy

Recent Comments:
Aye Ross Mi Amigo — by Marnee on Tue, 2006-05-23 05:57
Trust Marnee to come in with — by Ross Elliot on Tue, 2006-05-23 05:31
Y Hay Mas — by Marnee on Tue, 2006-05-23 04:37

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Sprawl: A compact history

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Submitted by Peter Cresswell on Sun, 2006-05-21 02:52

"Urban sprawl is one of the greatest enemies of good urban design," say some. I don't agree. As I've said here before, numerous times, urban sprawl is not your enemy. Sprawl is good -- good because it offers people living within a region choices in how they live, without the expensive barriers to entering the housing market that anti-sprawl regulation brings. Where zoning and planning regulations are nothing more than a windfall for existing owners, and a highly regressive form of taxation on those with lower incomes and wealth,

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Frank Gehry on film

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Submitted by Peter Cresswell on Sun, 2006-05-21 02:47

Those who appreciate the architectural charlatan that is Frank Gehry -- known for screwing up bits of paper and telling his draughtsmen to turn the crumpled mess into a building (which he denies) -- will be interested in Sydney Pollacks' film tribute to the fraud. A trailer for the film can be seen here. The official site for the film is here. [Hat tip Butterpaper Australasia]

Recent Comments:
Anti-design like Gehry's — by Ross Elliot on Tue, 2006-05-23 05:59

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Telstra Shrugs?

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Submitted by Peter Cresswell on Sun, 2006-05-21 02:47

Who said this, and about what: “Those who risk capital to earn returns shouldn't have to subsidise those that don't.”

If I told you that the subject of the comment was telecommunications, you might think it was a comment from a disgruntled Telecom-NZ shareholder. It wasn't. It was said by Telstra's chief executive Sol Trujillo who, eleven months into his job, is resisting 'unbundling' of his company's Australian broadband network and calling instead for deregulation.

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A cash prize for free market writers

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Submitted by Peter Cresswell on Sun, 2006-05-21 02:45

Writers and journalists may enter their work for a US $10,000 prize -- writers and journalists that is, "whose published works promote the institutions of a free society: limited government, rule of law brokered by an independent judiciary, protection of private property, free markets, free speech, and sound science." So that's about four of you in New Zealand.

Recent Comments:
IPN — by Kenny on Sun, 2006-05-21 11:40

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